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Huan Deng Professor


Educational Background

Postdoc, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2013)

PhD, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2011)

MA, Institute of Soil Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences / The James Hutton Institute, UK (2007)

BA, School of Life Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University (2004)



Research Interests

[1] The diversity and functions of soil source electrogenic bacteria 

[2] Soil microbial ecology


Research Projects

[1] Natural Science Foundation of China (41301260)


Journal Articles 

[1] Deng H, Xue HJ, Zhong WH. 2017. A novel exoelectrogenic bacterium phylogenetically related to clostridium sporogenes isolated from copper contaminated soil. Electroanalysis 29:1294-1300.

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[8] Mao TT, Yin R, Deng H*. 2015. Effects of copper on methane emission, methanogens and methanotrophs in the rhizosphere and bulk soil of rice paddy. Catena 133:233-240.

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[18] Deng H*. 2012. Diversity-stability relationship of soil microbial community: What do we not know? Journal of Environmental Sciences 24:1027-1035.



[1] Zhu YG, Qiao M, Li XF, Deng H. 2014. Charpter 11, Diagnosis of Soil Pollution. In: Frontiers in Soil Biology (He JZ, Lu YH, Fu BJ eds). Science Press, Beijing. (in Chinese)



[1] Deng H, Jiang YB, Zhong WH. 2015. A method of using electrical signals from dual chamber microbial fuel cells to detect the toxicity of soil pollutants. Patent license No. ZL201310629437.7. (in Chinese)