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Huan Deng Associate Professor


Educational Background

Postdoc, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2013)

PhD, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2011)

MA, Institute of Soil Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences / The James Hutton Institute, UK (2007)

BA, School of Life Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University (2004)



Research Interests

[1] The diversity and functions of soil source electrogenic bacteria 

[2] Soil microbial ecology


Research Projects

[1] Natural Science Foundation of China (41301260)


Journal Articles (IF > 2.5)

[1] Deng H, Chen Z, Zhao F. 2012. Energy from plants and microorganisms--progress in plant-microbial fuel cells. ChemSusChem 5:1006-1011. (IF=7.16)

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[3] Deng H, Li XF, Cheng WD, Zhu YG. 2009. Resistance and resilience of Cu-polluted soil after Cu perturbation, tested by a wide range of soil microbial parameters. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 70: 293-304. (IF=3.53)

[4] Deng H, Zhang B, Yin R, Wang HL, Mitchell SM, Griffiths BS, Daniell TJ. 2010. Long-term effect of re-vegetation on the microbial community of a severely eroded soil in sub-tropical China. Plant Soil 328: 447-458. (IF=2.97)

[5] Jiang YB, Deng H (co-first author), Sun DM, Zhong WH. 2015. Electrical signals generated by soilmicroorganisms in microbial fuel cells respond linearly to soil Cd2+ pollution. Geoderma 255-256: 35-41. (IF=2.85)

[6] Yin R, Deng H*, Wang HL, Zhang B. 2014. Vegetation type affects soil enzyme activities and microbial functional diversity following re-vegetation of a severely eroded red soil in sub-tropical China. Catena 115: 96-103. (IF=2.61)

[7] Mao TT, Yin R, Deng H*. 2015. Effects of copper on methane emission, methanogens and methanotrophs in the rhizosphere and bulk soil of rice paddy. Catena 133: 233-240. (IF=2.61)

[8] Zhang B, Deng H, Wang HL, Yin R, Hallett PD, Griffiths BS, Daniell TJ. 2010. Does microbial habitat or community structure drive the functional stability of microbes to stresses following re-vegetation of a severely degraded soil? Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42: 850-859.

[9] Guo GX, Deng H, Qiao M, Mu YJ, Zhu YG. 2011. Effect of Pyrene on Denitrification Activity and Abundance and Composition of Denitrifying Community in an Agricultural Soil. Environmental Pollution 159:1886-1895.

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[1] Zhu YG, Qiao M, Li XF, Deng H. 2014. Charpter 11, Diagnosis of Soil Pollution. In: Frontiers in Soil Biology (He JZ, Lu YH, Fu BJ eds). Science Press, Beijing. (in Chinese)



[1] Deng H, Jiang YB, Zhong WH. 2015. A method of using electrical signals from dual chamber microbial fuel cells to detect the toxicity of soil pollutants. Patent license No. ZL201310629437.7. (in Chinese)