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Kai Lyu Associate Professor


Educational Background

PhD, Zoology, Nanjing Normal University (2016)

MA, Aquatic Biology, Nanjing Normal University (2013)

BA, Biological Technology, Nantong University, (2010)



Research Interests

Zooplankton, Cyanobacterial blooms

Ecotoxicology, Aquatic ecology, Emerging pollution

Ecological Remediation Technology in freshwater field


Research Projects

Study on ecotoxicological effects and mechanisms of microplastics on selected freshwater cladocerans (In charge, supported by Natural Scientific Funding Committee of China-NSFC, Grant No. 31700398, 2018-2020)


The response of Daphnia magna to toxic cyanobacteria mediated by maternal effects and its metabolic mechanisms (In charge, supported by Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, Grant No. BK20170572, 2017-2020)


Journal Articles (Internationally Peer-Reviewed)

Lyu, K., Gu, L., Wang, H., Zhu, X., Zhang, L., Sun, Y., Huang, Y., Yang, Z.* Transcriptomic analysis dissects the mechanistic insight into the Daphnia clonal variation in tolerance to toxic Microcystis. Limnology and Oceanography (2018) Accepted.

Lyu, K., Zhang, L., Gu, L., Zhu, X., Wilson, A.E., Yang, Z.* Cladoceran offspring tolerance to toxic Microcystis is promoted by maternal warming. Environmental Pollution 227 (2017), 451-459.

Lyu, K., Meng, Q., Zhu, X., Dai, D., Zhang, L., Huang, Y., Yang, Z.* Changes in iTRAQ-based proteomic profiling of the cladoceran Daphnia magna exposed to microcystin-producing and microcystin-free Microcystis aeruginosa, Environmental Science & Technology, 50 (2016), 4798–4807.

Lyu, K., Wang, Q., Yang, Z.*, Montagnes, D.J.S.* Cumulative effects matter: Multi-brood responses of Daphnia to hypoxia, Freshwater Biology, 61(2016), 1685-1693.

Lyu, K., Guan, H., Wu, C., Wang, X., Wilson, A.E., Yang, Z. * Maternal consumption of non-toxic Microcystis induces tolerance of Daphnia magna offspring to toxic Microcystis, Freshwater Biology, 61 (2016), 219-228.

Lyu, K., Gu, L., Li, B., Lu, Y., Wu, C., Guan, H., Yang, Z.* Stress-responsive expression of a glutathione S-transferase (delta) gene in waterflea Daphnia magna challenged by microcystin-producing and microcystin-free Microcystis aeruginosa, Harmful Algae, 56 (2016), 1-8.

Lyu, K., Zhang, L., Zhu, X., Cui, G., Wilson, A.E., Yang, Z. * Arginine kinase in the cladoceran Daphnia magna: cDNA sequencing and expression is associated with resistance to toxic Microcystis, Aquatic Toxicology, 160 (2015) 13-21.

Lyu, K., Wang, Q., Li, Z., Chen, R., Zhu, C., Liu, J., Yang, Z.* Age-dependent survival and selected gene expression in Daphnia magna after short-term exposure to low dissolved oxygen, Journal of Plankton Research, 37 (2015) 66-74.

Lyu, K., Zhu, X., Chen, R., Chen, Y., Yang, Z.* Molecular cloning of manganese superoxide dismutase gene in the cladoceran Daphnia magna: Effects of microcystin, nitrite, and cadmium on gene expression profiles. Aquatic Toxicology, 148 (2014), 55-64.

Cao,S., Lyu, K. (Co-first author), Xiang, F., Yang, Z.* Life history responses of Daphnia similoides simultaneously exposed to microcystin-LR and ammonia and their postexposure recovery. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 33 (2014), 2497-2505.

Lyu, K., Zhu, X., Wang, Q., Chen, Y., Yang, Z.* Copper/zinc superoxide dismutase from the cladoceran Daphnia magna: Molecular cloning and expression in response to different acute environmental stressors. Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (2013), 8887-8893.

Lyu, K., Cao, H., Chen, R., Wang, Q., Yang, Z.* Combined effects of hypoxia and ammonia to Daphnia similis estimated with life-history traits. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 20 (2013), 5379-5387.

Lyu, K., Cao, H., Wang, Q., Chen, R., Minter, E.J.A. Yang, Z.* Differences in long-term impacts of un-ionized ammonia on life-history traits of three species of Daphnia. International Review of Hydrobiology 98 (2013), 253-261.

Lyu, K., Wang, Q., Chen, R., Lu, Q., Yang, Z.* Inter-specific differences in survival and reproduction of cladocerans to nitrite gradient and the ecological implications. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 48 (2013), 151-156.


Academic Title

 Invited Reviewers: Journal of Hazardous Materials, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Scientific Reports, Food and Chemical Toxicology, Fundamental and Applied Limnology, Steroid Biochemistry & Molecular Biology



Institutional E-mail:

Researcher ID L-6086-2016

ORCID ID 0000-0001-5616-538X

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