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Rong Liu Professor

Academic Area: 
  • preparation and application of materials
  • comprehensive utilization of solid waste

Educational Background

Ph.D.     2003-2007    Material Processing    University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

M.S.      2000      Mechatronics       Southeast University, China

B.S. 1997      Iron and steel metallurgy   University of Science and Technology Beijing, China


Research Interests

My research interest involves the preparation and application of materials, comprehensive utilization of solid waste. My goal is to find new ways of utilization (For example, sludge as construction materials,research of a new type of low temperature SCR catalyst, photocatalytic adsorption material, recycling utilization of solid waste of Steel works, and the development of substrate of constructed wetland). Research Projects

Journal Articles

  1. Gong X J, Ye F, Liu R *, et al. Low-temperature selective catalytic reduction with NH3 over MnOx-CeO2 catalysts supported on nano tetragonal-phase zirconia [J]. Journal of Functional Materials, 2015, 46(10).
  2. Liu R *, Yang Z Q, Guan H. Deactivation Mechanism of SCR Catalyst Based on Nano-ZrO2 [J]. Advanced Materials Research, 2012, 465(6):8-13.
  3. Ye F, Liu R *, Guan H, et al. Denitration mechanism of monoclinic-phase nano zirconium oxide-based catalysts [J]. Environment Science, 2015, 36(3):1092-7.
  4. Guan H, Gong X, Liu R *, et al. Preparation of stable nanosized ZrO2 particles with different crystallographic structures [J]. Chinese Journal of Materials Research, 2014, 28(2):139-143.
  5. Liu R *, Yang Z Q. Low-Temperature Catalytic Reduction of NO over Fe-MnOx-CeO2/ZrO2 Catalyst [J]. Environmental Science, 2012, 33(6):1964-1970.
  6. Liu R *, Liu H M, Zhao X Y, et al. Investigation on Microstructures and the Cushioning Properties of the Foamed Composite Material of Casting Magnesium Alloys[J]. Foundry, 2006, 55(1):40-42.
  7. Ye F, Liu R *, Gong X J, et al. Effects of Zirconia Crystallite Phases on MnOx-CeO2 SCR DeNOx Catalysts [J]. Research of Environment Science, 2015, 28(11): 1720-1727.
  8. Liu R. In situ synthesis of B4C ceramics toughened by ZrB2 particles [J]. Chinese Journal of Materials Research, 2006, 20(6):611-616.
  9. Liu R *, Ji L C, Ye F, et al. Denitration Mechanism of Nano Cubic Zirconium Oxide-based Catalysts [J]. Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Society, 2015(10):2979-2984.
  10. Liu R, Ru H Q, Zhao Y, et al. Preparation process of ZrB2/B4C ceramic composites by pressureless sintering based on mechanical mixing[J]. Journal of University of Science & Technology Beijing, 2006, 28(8):762-765.

Cell: +86-13605166310

QQ: 2512631170