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Shaogui Yang Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Advanced oxidation/reduction technology (such as, Photocatalysis/photochemical chemistry, Microwave-induced Catalysis, Nanoscale zero-valent iron reduction)
  • Environmental function materials
  • Environmental analytical chemistry

Educational Background

PhD, Environmental Engineering, Dalian University of Technology (2004)

MA, Environmental Science, Northeast Normal University (2001)

BA, Environmental Science, Northeast Normal University (1998)


Research Projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China (21777067):Abiotic transformation of reprensentive chlorinated organophosphate ester in surface soil and control of their pollution using iron/manganese oxides.2018-2021

[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China(51278242):Microwaveinduced catalytic reaction technology of Azo dyes and their degradation mechanisms. 2013-2016

[3] National Natural Science Foundation of China (21777067): Synergistic effect of carbon nanotubes/TiO2 –microwave-ultraviolet for treating refractory organic compounds in water and their mechanisms. 2008-2010

[4] Key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (20737001): Research on typical environmental processes of persistent organic pollutants and their structure-activity relationships, 2008-2011

[5] National Natural Science Foundation of China (20877040): synergistic effects of magnetic field-magnetic particle supported nano In2BiTaO7-visible light for degradation of refractory organic pollutants in water and their mechanisms.2008-2011

[6] National Water Pollution Control and Management Technology Major Projects (2012ZX07501-003): Database construction and management of water quality criteria of Priority Pollutants in basin water environment. 2012-2016

[7] National Water Pollution Control and Management Technology Major Projects (2015ZX07204007): Study on risk management and control technology of utilization process of agricultural waste.2015-2017

[8] National Water Pollution Control and Management Technology Major Projects (2008ZX07526-003): Criteria index and threshold of toxicological effects to aquatic organisms in River Basin,2008-2011

[9] Jiangsu Provincial Science and technology supporting program (BY2016068-05): Development of coupling technology on photoelectric-Fenton method and biological method for high concentration reactive azo dye wastewater. 2016-2018

[10] Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu province (BK2012732): Photocatalytic degradation mechanism of trichloropropyl phosphate based on BiOI photocatalyst, 2012-2015


Journal Articles

[1] Mao DJ, Ding SS, Meng LJ, Dai YX, Sun C, Yang SG*, He H(2017). One-pot microemulsion-mediated synthesis of Bi-rich Bi4O5Br2 with controllable morphologies and excellent visible-light photocatalytic removal of pollutants. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 207:153-165

[2] Ding SS, Mao DJ, Yang SG*, Wang F, Meng LJ, Han MS, He H, Sun C(2017). Graphene-analogue h-BN coupled Bi-rich Bi4O5Br2 layered microspheres for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity and mechanism insight. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 210:386-399

[3] Meng LJ, Yang SG*, Sun C, He H(2017). A Novel Method for Photo-oxidative Degradation of Diatrizoate in Water via Electromagnetic Induction Electrodeless Lamp. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 337:34-46

[4] He H, Gao ZQ, Zhu DL, Guo JH, Yang SG*, Li SY, Zhang LM, Sun C(2017). Assessing bioaccessibility and bioavailability of chlorinated organophosphorus flame retardants in sediments. Chemosphere. 189:239-246

[5] Zhao W, Liu Y, Wei ZB, Yang SG *, He H, Sun C*(2016). Fabrication of a novel p-n heterojunction photocatalyst n-BiVO4@p-MoS2 with core-shell structure and its excellent visible-light photocatalytic reduction and oxidation activities. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental. 185:242-252. 

[6] Li Y, Yang SG, Sun C, Wang LH, Wang QG(2016). Aqueous photofate of crystal violet under simulated and natural solar irradiation: Kinetics, products, and pathways. Water Research, 88:173-183 

[7] Meng LJ, Yang SG*, Feng MB, Qu RJ, Li Y, Liu JQ, Wang ZY*, Sun C(2016). Toxicity and bioaccumulation of copper in Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri under different pH values: Impacts of perfluorooctane sulfonate. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 305:219-228 

[8] Liu H, Sun P, Feng MB, Liu HX, Yang SG, Wang LS, Wang ZY(2016). Nitrogen and sulfur co-doped CNT-COOH as an efficient metal-free catalyst for the degradation of UV filter BP-4 based on sulfate radicals. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 187:1-10

[9] Gao J, Yang SG*, Li N, Meng LJ, Wang F, He H, Sun C(2016). Rapid degradation of azo dye Direct Black BN by magnetic MgFe2O4-SiC under microwave radiation. Applied Surface Science, 379:140-149 

[10] Li N, Yang SG*, Chen J, Gao J, He H, Sun C(2016). Electro-adsorption of tetracycline from aqueous solution by carbonized pomelo peel and composite with aniline. Applied Surface Science, 386:460-466

[11] Liu G, Zhou YQ, Liu ZY, Zhang JJ, Tang BB, Yang SG* and Sun S(2016). Efficient nitrate removal using micro-electrolysis with zero valent iron/activated carbon nanocomposite. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology. 91: 2942–2949

[12] Fang X, Xiao J, Yang SG *, He H, Sun C(2015). Investigation on microwave absorbing properties of loaded MnFe2O4 and degradation of Reactive Brilliant Red X-3B.Applied Catalysis B-Environmental. 162:544–550 

[13] Zhao W, Guo Y, Yuan WT, Sun C *, Wang SM, Deng YH, Zhuang Y, Li Y, Wang XM, He H, Yang SG *(2015).Facile in-suit synthesis of Ag/AgVO3 one-dimensional hybrid nanoribbons with enhanced performance of plasmonic visible-light photocatalysis. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental. 163:288–297. 

[14] Zhao W, Guo Y, Wang SM, He H, Sun C *, Yang SG *(2015). A Novel Ternary Plasmonic Photocatalyst: ultrathin g-C3N4 Nanosheet Hybrid  of  Ag/AgVO3 Nanoribbons with Enhanced Visible-Light Photocatalyteic Performance. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental. 165:335-343 

[15] Wang SM, Guan Y, Wang LP, Zhao W, He H, Xiao J, Yang SG *, Sun C *(2015). Fabrication of a novel bifunctional material of BiOI/Ag3VO4 with high adsorption-photocatalysis for efficient treatment of dye wastewater. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental. 2015,168:448-457 

[16] Zhao W, Li JH, Wei ZB, Wang SM, He H, Sun C, Yang SG(2015). Fabrication of a ternary plasmonic photocatalyst of Ag/AgVO3/RGO and its excellent visible-light photocatalytic activity. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 179:9-20

[17] Wang SM, Li DL, Sun C, Yang SG, Guan Y, He H(2014). Synthesis and characterization of g-C3N4/Ag3VO4 composites with significantly enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for triphenylmethane dye degradation. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental.144:885-892

[18] Shi JQ, Qu RJ, Feng MB, Wang XH, Wang LS, Yang SG *, and Wang ZY*(2015). Oxidative Degradation of Decabromodiphenyl Ether (BDE 209) by Potassium Permanganate: Reaction Pathways, Kinetics, and Mechanisms Assisted by DFT Calculations. Environmental Science &Technology. 49 (7):4209–4217 

[19] Xiao J, Fang X, Yang SG*, He H, Sun C(2015). Microwave-assisted heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of high-concentration Reactive yellow 3 with CuFe2O4/PA. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology. 90(10): 1861–1868

[20] Zhang C, Yang SG*, Chen HZ, He H, Sun C(2014). Adsorption Behavior and Mechanism of Reactive Brilliant Red X -3B in Aqueous Solution over Three Kinds of Hydrotalcite-like LDHs. Applied Surface Science. 301:329-337

[21] Wang XM, Yang SG*, Li H, Sun C,He H(2014). High adsorption and efficient visible-light-photodegradation for cationic Rhodamine B with microspheric BiOI photocatalyst. RSC advances, 4:42530–42537

[22] Yu K, Yang SG, Liu C, Chen HZ, Li H, Sun C, and Stephen A Boyd(2012). Degradation of organic dyes via bismuth silver oxide initiated direct oxidation coupled with sodium bismuthate based visible light photocatalysis. Environmental Science &Technology, 46 (13), 7318–7326 

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[1] Environmental Monitoring Experiment (Second Edition), 2010, Science Press

[2] Criterion of Water Environment Quality and Application, 2011, Science Press

[3] Green Book of criterion of water environmental quality in China, 2014, Science Press



[1] Yang Shaogui, Yu Kai, Sun Cheng, A method of rapid degradation of triphenylmethane dye wastewater, patent No. ZL200910029442.8

[2] Yang Shaogui, Yu Kai, Sun Cheng, Preparation Bi/Cu composite oxide and its application in degradation of triphenylmethane dye wastewater, patent No. ZL200910264226.1

[3] Yang Shaogui, Chen Hongzhe, Sun Cheng, Yu Kai. Preparation of a bismuth ferrite carbon nanotube and its application in treating organic dye wastewater. Patent number: ZL201110426881X

[4] Yang Shaogui, Xiao Jun, Fang Xue, Cui Jun, sun Cheng, He Huan, A continuous microwave - Ultrasonic wastewater treatment device. Patent No.: ZL201420122357.2


Honors and Awards

[1] Second-Class Prize of Natural Science of Chinese Universities by the Ministry of Education of China, 2012,(3/5)

[2] First-Class Prize of National Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award by Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, 2014, (7/14)

[3] Supervisor of outstanding professional master thesis, Jiangsu Province, (2016)


Academic Title

[1] Part-time professor of environmental science,Chengdu University of Technology

[2] A life member of the Chinese society of Toxicology