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Shiyin Li Professor

Research Interests: 
  • micro-polluted water treatment
  • restoration of ecosystems in water and soil
  • transport, transformation and degradation of detergents and cosmetics

Educational Background

PhD, Environmental Science, Nanjing University, China (2003)

MA, Inorganic Chemistry, Henan Normal University, China (2000)

BA, Environmental Monitoring, Henan Normal University, China (1997)



Research Interests

Research interest involves micro-polluted water treatment, restoration of ecosystems in water and soil. I am interested in transport, transformation and degradation of detergents and cosmetics for example, antibiotics, organo-arsenic additives and so on in water media. My goal is to understand the transport and fate of detergents and cosmetics in water or soil when environment is changed by human disturbance for example, water eutrophication, elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration and nitrate-N accumulated in soil.

Research Projects

Study on the transport and transformation processes of As-DOM complexes and its driving mechanisms in water (Grand No. 41373111). NSFC, 2014-2017.

Journal Articles (Representative)

  1. Yun Peng, Wei Wei, Hong Zhou, Shiyin Li *,, Iron humate as a novel adsorbent for p-arsanilic acid removal from aqueous solution. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 2016 (Accepted).
  2. Lixiao Ni, Jiajun Xu, Xianglin Chu, Shiyin Li*,, Enzyme Activities, and Contaminant Removal in Two-Stage In Situ Constructed Wetlands Purifying Domestic Wastewater. Bulletin Environ Contam Toxicol, 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s00128-016-1844-1.
  3. Shiyin Li *, Jiangpeng Zhu et al., Rapid removal of nitrobenzene in a three-phase ozone loaded system with gas–liquid–liquid. Chemical Engineering Communications, 2015, 202(6):799–805.
  4. Shiyin Li *, Ting Mei et al., Rapid Removal of Tetracycline (TC) by Ozonation after Extraction TC from Water into Acetic Acid Solution Using Granular Activated Carbon. Ozone: Science & Engineering. 2015, 37(5): 405-410.
  5. Li Shiyin*, Zhu Yiping et al., Degradation p-chloronitrobenzene in ozone-loaded system with perfluorodecalin solvent. Bulletin Environ Contam Toxicol, 2011, 87(3): 297–302.
  6. NI LiXiao, HAO XiangYang, LI ShiYin, CHEN ShiJin, REN Gaoxiang & ZHU Liang, Inhibitory effects of different solvent extracts from three compositae plants on Cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosas,Science China Chemistry, 2011,54(7): 1123-1129.
  7. Shi Yin Li,Zhen Ni Du, Yong Cai Zhang,In air template-free synthesis of In2S3 hierarchical nanostructure from InCl3·4H2O and thiourea. Advanced Materials Research 2011, 152-153: 63-66.
  8. Yong Cai Zhang, Zhen Ni Du, Shi Yin Li,Ming Zhang,Novel synthesis and high visible light photocatalytic activity of SnS2 nanoflakes from SnCl2·2H2O and S powders. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2010, 95(1-2):153-159.
  9. LI Shiyin*, SHI Zhenyu, LU Jilai,ZOU Min,ZHANG Limin, Removal of chloramphenicol from aqueous solution by using the two-phase ozonation system of water/loaded ozone organic solvent,CIESC Journal (China), 2011,62(1):226-230.
  10. Shi Zhen-yu, Li Shi-yin, Lu Ji-lai,Zou Min,Zhang Li-min,Removal of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid from aqueous aolution by using the two-phase ozonation system of of water/loaded ozone organic solvent, Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae (China), 2010,30(6):1199-1203.



1)《Organic Chemistry in Environment》, Liansheng Wang,Shiyin Li, et al., (Chaper 11),Chemical Industry Press,2004,ISBN: 7-5025-4794-0.

2)《Experience of Environmental Science and Engineering》, Wenhui Zhong,Shiyin Li, et al.,,Nanjing Normal University Press,2004. ISBN:7-81101-0/X.1.


  1. Shiyin Li, Xiaorong Li, et al., Method of ozonation of 2,4-chlorophenesic acid wastewater in organic solvents. Grand No. ZL201110103904.3 (China), Grand Date 2012.7.4.
  2. Shiyin Li, Lixiao Ni, et al., Method of ozonation of parachloronitrobenzene in liquid/liquid two-phase. Grand No. ZL201010139507.7 (China), Grand Date 2012.7.4.
  3. Guoxiang Wang, Shiyin Li, et al., Method of inhibition of nutrient release from sediment in eutrophic water. Grand No. ZL201010167298.7 (China), Grand Date 2012.5.30.
  4. Shiyin Li, Ting Mei, et al., Method of high performance adsorption of roxarsone in wastewater. Grand No. ZL201310580450.8 (China), Grand Year 2016.


Academic Title

Member of the China Environmental Science Society



Telephone:+86-25-85891755; QQ:599098854