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Xianqiu Zhang Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Water treatment technology

Educational Background

PhD, Environmental Engineering, Southeast University (2008)

MA, Applied Chemistry, Nanjing University of Technology (2000)

BA, Water supply and drainage, Changzhou university, (1999)



Research Interests

Water treatment technology.


Research Projects

  1. Artificial light source to strengthen the purification technology of aquatic plants, Environmental science research project of Jiangsu Province, 2012-2015
  2. Reuse technology of wastewater in industrial circulating water system, "the six major talent summit" project of Jiangsu Province, 2014-2017
  3. Advanced purification technology of biochemical tail water from sewage treatment plant, Sub topics of scientific research projects of the Ministry of water resources, 2013~2016


Journal Articles

[1]  Zhang Xianqiu, yuan zhenfeng, Du mingxia, etal. Impact of artificial light on submerged plants’ decolorization and enzyme activity. Environmental Engineering, 2015,33(7):7-11

[2]  Yuan zhenfeng,Zhang Xianqiu, Du mingxia, etal. New method of submedrge plants assisted with Artificial light to enhance the treatment of biochemical dye wastewater. Industrial water treatment. 2015,35(10):58-61

[3] Zhang Xianqiu, Zhang Linsheng,Lü Xiwu,Du M ingxia. Method for obtaining the charge density of nanofiltration membrane. Journal of Southeast University (Natural Science Edition) (China),2008,38(6):1034-1037.

[4] Boiler-Water treatment by Reverse Osmosis employing Solar Energy. Advanced materials research,2012

[5] Method for obtaining molecular weight cut-off of nanofiltration membrane, Journal of Southeast University (Natural Science Edition) (China), 2007,37(5):883-886

[6] Steric-hindrance pore model for separation of uncharged solutes by nanofiltration with molecular weight cut-off as parameters. Journal of Chemical Industry and Engineering(China), 2007, 58(8):2033-2037

[7] Application of nanofiltration membrane to water softening, Membrane Science and Technology(China).2006,26(2):64-67

[8] Removal of Toxic or Harmful ions from water or wastewater by nanofiltration. Technology of Water Treatment(China),2006,32(1):6-9

[9] The removal of organic micro-pollution from water by nanofiltration, Technology of Water Treatment(China), 2005,31(2):62~65

[10] Study on water softening by nanofiltration, Technology of Water Treatment(China), 2004,30(6):352-355



[1] Cascade treatment and reuse method for biochemical tail water of Industrial Park. ZL201310582292.X  2015.06

[2] the treatment method for electroplating wastewater containing chromium cyanide.  ZL 201010249027, 2012.07


Honors and Awards

 [1] Development and application of dye adsorbent, Three prize for progress in       science and technology of Jiangsu Province

 [2] the first prize of Social practice and science and technology competition of national college students' energy conservation and emission reduction(2011, 2013) ,Guidance teacher.