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Yunxia Cui Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Environmental planning and management
  • Environmental impact assessment

Education Background

BS, Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment, Nanjing University, China (1992)



Research Interests

Environmental planning and management, Environmental impact assessment


Research Projects

1)        Demonstration of Technology of on the Management of Water Quality Objective of Taihu Basin, Jiangsu. Cui Yun-xia joined as Director, finished

2)        The Main Atmospheric Pollutant Total Amount Control Aim and Allocation Method Research in Typical Provinces (Jiangsu Province ). Cui Yun-xia joined as Director, finished

3)        Technological Study of Characteristic Analysis and Regulation of Dust-haze in South Jiangsu Urban Agglomeration. Cui Yun-xia joined as Director, finished

4)        Study on Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Countermeasures of "Twelfth Five-Year" plan in Jiangsu Province. Cui Yun-xia joined as Director, finished

5)        Study on Index System of Environmental Protection Target of  "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan in Jiangsu Province. Cui Yun-xia joined as Director, finished

6)        Air Pollution Prevention and Control Plan of National Twelve Five-Year Plan in Jiangsu Province. Cui Yun-xia joined as Director, finished

  1. The Compliance Planning of ShaZhuang Bridge Section in FuXinHe of the Eastem Route South-to-North Transfer.

8)        Comprehensive Water-Environmental Renovation Planning of The Grand Canal in South Jiangsu Basin.


Journal Articles

1)        Zhou lei, Cui Yun-xia, Wei Yu-chun, The influence of the Spatial Resolution of Remote Sensing images on Water information Extraction. Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Engineering and Technology Edition), 2015,15(4):66-74.

2)        Huang Xia-yin, Cui Yun-xia, Qu Jian, Cao Lu, Jiang Xiao-wei, Working procedure of Plan Environmental Impact Assessment of comprehensive development zone under new situation of Environmental Protection-A Case Discussion in a Typical Development Zone in Taihu Lake Basin, Jiangsu Province. Environmental Science and Technology, 2015,28(3):51-55.

3)        Cui Yun-xia, Yan Run-run, Wang Yan-feng, Wu Tao,, Water pollution Characteristics and Control Measures of South-to-North Water Transfer East Line Project. Environmental Science and Technology, 2011,24(5):49-53.

4)        Liu Yang, Cui Yun-xia, Pilot Study on Two-stage Ozonization and Activated Carbon Process for Taihu Lake Water Purification. Environmental Science and Technology, 2011,24(4):39-41.

5)        Cui Yun-xia, Fan Ya-min, Jia Kun-yue, Liu Yuan-yuan, Wang Bing-quan, Study on Pollution Load Allocation Strategy Base on Control Unit Level. China Resources Comprehensive Utilization, 2011,29(8):43-48 

6)        Cheng Wei, Cui Yun-xia, Deng lin, Cheng Mu-ning, Determinate Method of Major Air Pollutants Total Mount Control Objectives in the end of Twelve Five Year. Preliminary study and basic ideas of national Twelve Five-Year plan of environmental protection, 19-25.

7)        Cheng Wei, Cui Yun-xia, Deng lin, Cheng Mu-ning

8)        Cui Yun-xia, Yan Run-run, Cheng Wei, Sun Wei-hong, Study on the Sewage Control Amount of Main Into-lake Rivers around Taihu Lake. Environmental Monitoring and Forewarning, 2010,2(5):34-39.

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2)        Cui Yun-xia, Wang Yan-feng,, Study on typical control section standard scheme of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project. Hehai University Press, 2011, 9.

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4)        Cheng Wei, Liu Wei-jing, Zhang Lei, Wu Yun-bo, Feng Bing, Cui Yun-xia,, The strategic research of National Twelve Five-Year plan of environmental protection. Hehai University Press, 2009, 3.



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