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Environmental Ecology and Ecological Remediation

Approval Year: 2003

Leader: Guoxiang Wang

Members: Jine Liu, Tingxi Zhang, Ruiming Han, Chenfei Shi, Xiaoguang Xu, Yanping Zhao




The Environmental Ecology and Ecological Remediation team consists of 1 professors, 3 associate professors, and 3 lecturers. In the recent 5 year, this group published more than 100 papers (more than 50 papers were published in SCI journals); 20 plus patents have been authorized; and more than 10 NSFC projects have been granted.

This team advanced the ecological remediation model based on “mosaic” of aquatic plants populations, and raised a “cascade purification, stepwise remediation and progressive amelioration” strategy of compulsory multilevel water quality promotion approach. The team also realized the complete sets of techniques comprising functional environmental materials-energy-saving aeration unit-ecological phytoremediation and complete sets of equipment, which had been used in Taihu catchment, internal river of Zhenjiang, Mochou Lake in Nanjing etc. This team also self-designed and built the first pilot test platform for ecological restoration of water environment in China, used for the study on artificial lake and related remediating technology.


Research Content


Changes in ecological structure and function of degraded aquatic ecosystems

Mechanism of ecological remediation by aquatic organisms

Re-establishment of aquatic plants in degraded lake ecosystems

Algae blooms and carbon dynamics in eutrophicated lakes


Representative Achievements






Dynamics of Dissolved Oxygen and the Affecting Factors in Sediment of Polluted Urban Rivers under Aeration Treatment

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution

Bo Liu, Wen-linWang, Rui-ming Han#, Ming Sheng, Lin-lin Ye, Xu Du, Xin-ting Wu, Guo-xiang Wang#


Submerged macrophytes shape the abundance and diversity of bacterial denitrifiers in bacterioplankton and epiphyton in the shallow fresh Lake Taihu, China

Environmental Science & Pollution Research

Zhou Fan, Ruiming Han, Jie Ma, Guoxiang Wang*


Effects of chlorpyrifos on the gut microbiome and urine metabolome in mouse (Mus musculus)


Zhao Y, Zhang Y, Wang G*, Han R, Xie X


Using PAC modified clays to control black-bloom-induced black suspended matter in Lake Taihu: deposition and resuspension of black matter/clay flocs

Water Science and Technology: Water Supply

Yawen Huang, Yong Pang#, Guoxiang Wang#, Ruiming Han, Jianjian Wang, Peng Zhang, Lei Xu


Insights into tetracycline adsorption onto kaolinite and montmorillonite: experiments and modeling

Environmental Science & Pollution Research

Yanping Zhao, Xueyuan Gu, Shiyin Li, Ruiming Han, & Guoxiang Wang*


Using chitosan-modified clays to control black-bloom-induced black suspended matter in Taihu Lake: Deposition and resuspension of black matter/clay flocs

Harmful Algae

Yawen Huang, Lei Xu, Ruiming Han, Guoxiang Wang#, Jianjian Wang, Junjie Jia, Peng Zhang, Yong Pang#.


Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Rhizosphere Oxygen Profiles in the Emergent Plant Species Acorus calamus


Wenlin Wang, Ruiming Han, Yinjing Wan, Bo Liu, Xiaoyan Tang, Bin Liang, Guoxiang Wang*


O2, pH, and Redox Potential Microprofiles around Potamogeton malaianus Measured Using Microsensors


Dong B, Han R, Wang G*, Cao X