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Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology

Approval Year: 2009

Leader: Wenhui Zhong

Members: Jinbo Zhang, Huan Deng, Yongcui Deng, Cheng Han




The Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology team consists of 2 professors, 2 associate professors, and 1 lecturer. In the recent 5 year, this group published more than 90 papers (more than 50 papers were published in SCI journals); 15 plus patents have been authorized; and more than 10 NSFC projects have been granted.

This team works on the microbiological mechanism of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling, mechanisms of soil microbial electrogenesis and environmental effects, develops techniques of greenhouse gas emissions reduction and soil borne disease suppression, applies soil microbial electrogenesis in monitoring soil pollution and greenhouse gas emission reduction.


Research Content


Soil carbon and nitrogen cycling

Soil microbial electrogenesis

Microbial fuel cell

Reduction of greenhouse gas emission in soil


Representative Achievements






Long-term fertilization effects on active ammonia oxidizers in an acidic upland soil in Chin

Soil Biology & Biochemistry

X Wang, C Han, J Zhang, Q Huang, H Deng, YC Deng, WH Zhong*


Transgenic Bt rice has adverse impacts on CH4 flux and rhizospheric methanogenic archaeal and methanotrophic bacterial communities

Plant and Soil

C Han, W Zhong*, W Shen, Z Cai, B Liu


Effect of land use on the denitrification, abundance of denitrifiers and total nitrogen gas production in the subtropical region in China

Biology and Fertility of Soils

Y Yu, J Zhang, W Chen, W Zhong*, T Zhu, ZC Cai


Electrical signals generated by soil microorganisms in microbial fuel cells respond linearly to soil Cd2+ pollution


YB Jiang, H Deng, DM Sun, WH Zhong*


Effects of copper on methane emission, methanogens and methanotrophs in the rhizosphere and bulk soil of rice paddy


Ting-Ting Mao, Rui Yin, Huan Deng*


Parent materials have stronger effects than land use types on microbial biomass, activity and diversity in red soil in subtropical China


Huan Deng, Yong-Jie Yu, Jin-E. Sun, Jin-Bo Zhang, Zu-Cong Cai, Guang-Xia Guo, Wen-Hui Zhong


Using electrical signals of microbial fuel cells to detect copper stress on soil microorganisms

European Journal of Soil Science

Huan Deng, Yun-Bin Jiang, Yuan-Wei Zhou, Kai Shen, Wen-Hui Zhong


Tea plantation destroys soil retention of NO3- and increases N2O emissions in subtropical China

Soil Biology & Biochemistry

T Zhu, J Zhang*, T Meng, Y Zhang, J Yang, C. Müller, Z.C. Cai*