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Environmental Planning and Management

Approval Year: 2010

Leader: Yunxia Cui

Members: Yi Qian, Biao Xie, Guowei Zhu, Kewei Dai, Yimin Zhang, Tinggui Jiang




The Environmental Planning and Management team consists of 3 professors, 2 associate professors, and 2 lecturer. In the recent 5 year, this group published more than 50 papers (more than 20 papers were published in SCI journals); more than 20 invention patents have been authorized; and more than 6 NSFC projects have been granted.

GIS technology, mathematical model and on-line monitoring system combined with pollution reduction and management technology were applied for the construction of ecological restoration and environmental monitoring and risk management, to further strengthen the comprehensive ecological restoration of water environment from the laws and regulations and management level. In the national environmental standards, this team works on the premise of the urgent need for ecological environment improvement, effectively stimulate the relevant technology and product demand, and promote the rapid development of environmental protection industry.


Research Content


Environmental planning and environmental assessment

Environmental monitoring and risk management

Environmental laws and regulations

Policy of environmental protection industry


Representative Achievements






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Organic aquaculture in China: A review from a global perspective


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Organic certification and the market: organic exports from and imports to China

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Effects of conventional versus organic production systems on amino acid profiles and heavy metal concentrations in the Chinese shrimp Penaeus chinensis

Fisheries Science

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Growth performance and nutrient quality of Chinese Shrimp Penaeus chinensis in organic polyculture with razor clam Sinonovacula constricta or hard clam Meretrix meretrix

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