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Jiangsu Engineering Laboratory of Water and Soil Eco-remediation

Lab director: Prof. Guoxiang Wang

Director of Academic Committee: Academician Prof. Chao Wang

Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Ruiming Han


Jiangsu Engineering Laboratory of Water and Soil Eco-remediation, managed previously by the School of Geography Science of Nanjing Normal University before 2016, was approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission in 2011. It was incorporated into the School of Environment in Dec, 2015 along with the establishment of school. The lab focused on the research and practice of water and soil pollution control and remediation, namely the ecological remediation of eutrophicated or polluted aquatic ecosystems especially shallow lakes and rivers, management and remediation of soils polluted by heavy metals and organic pollutants, and the techniques development of pollution control and reductions. The lab attends to build up itself a joint innovation platform for soil and water conservation and ecological restoration in Jiangsu province for advanced technology research and development, high-level personnel training and academic communication.


The lab currently has 40 members including 25 full and associated professors and 5 technicians and instructional staff. Out of the academic backbone, there are 1 chief scientist of the National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), 3 academic leaders of "333 project" of Jiangsu Province, 3 academic leaders of "Blue Project" of Jiangsu Province. In 2014, laboratory members presided 36 scientific research projects (national project 6), totally 32.32 million yuan of funds, published 53 research papers as first or corresponding author, including 25 SCI papers, 6 EI article, published 1 monograph, assigned 4 patents as the first inventor. Overall, the lab will further dedicated in the research and technique development comprehensively on water ecological restoration, soil pollution and remediation and pollution prevention and control.


Research Interests


Eco-remediation of water environment

Management and remediation of soil pollution

Techniques in pollution control and reduction