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Dynamics of Dissolved Oxygen and the Affecting Factors in Sediment of Polluted Urban Rivers under Aeration Treatment

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution

Bo Liu, Wen-linWang, Rui-ming Han#, Ming Sheng, Lin-lin Ye, Xu Du, Xin-ting Wu, Guo-xiang Wang#


Submerged macrophytes shape the abundance and diversity of bacterial denitrifiers in bacterioplankton and epiphyton in the shallow fresh Lake Taihu, China

Environmental Science & Pollution Research

Zhou Fan, Ruiming Han, Jie Ma, Guoxiang Wang*


Effects of chlorpyrifos on the gut microbiome and urine metabolome in mouse (Mus musculus)


Zhao Y, Zhang Y, Wang G*, Han R, Xie X


Using PAC modified clays to control black-bloom-induced black suspended matter in Lake Taihu: deposition and resuspension of black matter/clay flocs

Water Science and Technology: Water Supply

Yawen Huang, Yong Pang#, Guoxiang Wang#, Ruiming Han, Jianjian Wang, Peng Zhang, Lei Xu


Insights into tetracycline adsorption onto kaolinite and montmorillonite: experiments and modeling

Environmental Science & Pollution Research

Yanping Zhao, Xueyuan Gu, Shiyin Li, Ruiming Han, & Guoxiang Wang*


Using chitosan-modified clays to control black-bloom-induced black suspended matter in Taihu Lake: Deposition and resuspension of black matter/clay flocs

Harmful Algae

Yawen Huang, Lei Xu, Ruiming Han, Guoxiang Wang#, Jianjian Wang, Junjie Jia, Peng Zhang, Yong Pang#.


Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Rhizosphere Oxygen Profiles in the Emergent Plant Species Acorus calamus


11.  Wenlin Wang, Ruiming Han, Yinjing Wan, Bo Liu, Xiaoyan Tang, Bin Liang, Guoxiang Wang*


O2, pH, and Redox Potential Microprofiles around Potamogeton malaianus Measured Using Microsensors


Dong B, Han R, Wang G*, Cao X


Bench-scale and pilot-scale evaluation of coagulation pre-treatment for wastewater reused by reverse osmosis in a petrochemical circulating cooling water system


Feng-He Wang*, Hao-Tian Hao, Rong-Fei Sun, Shi-Yin Li, Rui-Ming Han, Charalambos Papelis, Yong Zhang


Factors Affecting the Performance of Single-Chamber Soil Microbial Fuel Cells for Power Generation


Huan Deng*, Yi-Cheng Wu, Fan Zhang, Zong-Chuan Huang, Zheng Chen, Hui-Juan Xu, Feng Zhao


Effect of land use on the denitrification, abundance of denitrifiers, and total nitrogen gas production in the subtropical region of China

Biology and Fertility of Soils

Yu, Y., Zhang, J., Chen, W., Zhong, W.*, Zhu, T., & Cai, Z.


The Poisoning Effect of Na Doping over Mn-Ce/TiO2 Catalyst for Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO by NH3

Journal of Nanomaterials

Yang, L.*, Tan, Y., Sheng, Z., & Zhou, A.


Effects of low molecular weight organic acids on the immobilization of aqueous Pb(II) using phosphate rock and different crystallized hydroxyapatite


Wei W, Jing C, Wei Z*


Hydroxyapatite–gelatin nanocomposite as a novel adsorbent for nitrobenzene removal from aqueous solution

Applied Surface Science

W Wei, R Sun, Z Jin, J Cui, Z Wei*


Evaluation of amorphous calcium phosphate as an advantageous solid-phase extraction adsorbent for analysis of oxalic acid in plant xylem saps by RP-HPLC

Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies

Wei Wei, Huiting Huang, Jing Cui, Zhenggui Wei*


Evaluation of removal efficiency of fluoride from aqueous solution using nanosized fluorapatite

Desalination and Water Treatment

W Wei, X Wang, Y Wang, M Xu, J Cui, Z Wei*


Preparation and characterization of anti-algal sustained-release granules and their inhibitory effects on algae


Ni, L., Acharya, K., Ren, G., Li, S., Li, Y., & Li, Y.*


Antioxidant and metabolism responses to polyphenol stress in cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa

Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part B

Ni, L. X., Acharya, K., Hao, X. Y., & Li, S. Y.*


Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Diffusion of Ribavirin in Water

Advanced Materials Research

Ji, Y. X., Wang, F. H.*, Zhang, F., & Gong, X. D.


Effect of temperature on the adsorption of sulfanilamide onto aluminum oxide and its molecular dynamics simulations

Applied Surface Science

Ji, Y., Wang, F.*, Gu, Z., & Gong, X.


Preparation and characterization of Fe3O4@TiO2 shell on polystyrene beads

J Polym Res

Shen, P., Jiang, W., Wang, F.*, Chen, M., Ma, P., & Li, F.


Synthesis and photocatalytic property of Fe3O4@TiO2 core/shell nanoparticles supported by reduced graphene oxide sheets

Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Peichang Ma, Wei Jiang, Fenghe Wang*, Fengsheng Li, Ping Shen, Mudan Chen, Yujiao Wang, Jie Liu, Pingyun Li


Synthesis of highly hydrophobic floating magnetic polymer nanocomposites for the removal of oils from water surface

Applied Surface Science

Chen, M., Jiang, W., Wang, F.*, Shen, P., Ma, P., & Gu, J.


Simulation of nitrogen transformation in a soil-plant ecosystem

Advances in Civil Transportation and Environmental Engineering

Xu, M., Wang, Y.*, & Yang, H.


Methane formation in soil-plant systems treating wastewater as influenced by microbial populations

Environmental Earth Sciences

Wang, Y. H.*, Ye, C., Yang, H., Zhang, J. X., Huang, C. C., & Xie, B.


Molecular biomarkers for sources of organic matter in lacustrine sediments in a subtropical lake in China

Environmental Pollution

Wang, Y. H.*, Yang, H., Chen, X., Zhang, J. X., Ou, J., & Xie, B.


Effects of plant species on soil microbial processes and CH4 emission from constructed wetlands

Environmental Pollution

Wang, Y.*, Yang, H., Ye, C., Chen, X., Xie, B., & Huang, C.


Pollution level inhalation exposure and lung cancer risk of ambient atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Taiyuan China

Environmental Pollution

Xia, Z., Duan, X., Shu, T., Qiu, W., Di, L., & Wang, Y.*


Organic aquaculture in China: A review from a global perspective


Xie, B.*, Qin, J., Yang, H., Wang, X., Wang, Y. H., & Li, T. Y.


Transgenic Bt rice has adverse impacts on CH4 flux and rhizospheric methanogenic archaeal and methanotrophic bacterial communities

Plant and Soil

Han, C., Zhong, W.*, Shen, W., Cai, Z., & Liu, B.


Molecular dynamics simulation of the interaction between polyaspartic acid and calcium carbonate

Molecular Simulation

Jianping Zeng, FengHe Wang*, & Xuedong Gong


Rock phosphate as a novel solid-phase extraction adsorbent for analysis of oxalic acid in plant xylem saps by RP-HPLC

Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies

Lingfei Ni, Wei Wei, Yu Wang, Jing Cui, & Zhenggui Wei*