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Pollution Control and Management

Approval Year: 2009

Leader: Shiyin Li

Members: Fenghe Wang, Zhengui Wei, Liu Yang, Xianqiu Zhang, Wei Wei, Yong Zhang, Zhongyi Sheng, Rong Liu, Guozheng Jia




The Pollution Control and Management team consists of 4 professors, 5 associate professors, and 1 lecturer. In the recent 5 year, this group published more than 90 papers (more than 30 papers were published in SCI journals); more than 30 invention patents have been authorized; and more than 8 NSFC projects have been granted.

Aiming at the low concentration of refractory organic pollutants, this team developed an inert organic solvent system, selective ozone oxidation technology, and applied to the advanced treatment of chemical wastewater; in-depth research on the theory and technology of membrane separation, to establish a prediction model of nanofiltration membrane interception of pollutants, built 10 m3/h the depth of the electroplating wastewater and reuse engineering demonstration in Taihu basin; the printing and dyeing industry in our province wastewater standard technical requirements, developed a series of high efficient flocculant decolorization and removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, and used in printing and dyeing enterprises, to achieve discharge standards of printing and dyeing wastewater; desulfurization wastewater in electroplating wastewater, water soluble heavy metal chelate the invention of the series of pollutants, heavy metal chelating agent, the stabilization of heavy metals pollutants.


Research Content


Sulfydryl-based heavy metal chelating agent

Highly effective flocculants for printing and dyeing wastewater

Fe3O4@TiO2 core/shell nanoparticles supported by reduced graphene oxide sheets

Hydroxyapatite–gelatin nanocomposite for heavy metal passivation


Representative Achievements






Bench-scale and pilot-scale evaluation of coagulation pre-treatment for wastewater reused by reverse osmosis in a petrochemical circulating cooling water system


Feng-He Wang*, Hao-Tian Hao, Rong-Fei Sun, Shi-Yin Li, Rui-Ming Han, Charalambos Papelis, Yong Zhang


The Poisoning Effect of Na Doping over Mn-Ce/TiO2 Catalyst for Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO by NH3

Journal of Nanomaterials

Yang, L.*, Tan, Y., Sheng, Z., & Zhou, A.


Effects of low molecular weight organic acids on the immobilization of aqueous Pb(II) using phosphate rock and different crystallized hydroxyapatite


Wei W, Jing C, Wei Z*


Hydroxyapatite–gelatin nanocomposite as a novel adsorbent for nitrobenzene removal from aqueous solution

Applied Surface Science

W Wei, R Sun, Z Jin, J Cui, Z Wei*


Evaluation of amorphous calcium phosphate as an advantageous solid-phase extraction adsorbent for analysis of oxalic acid in plant xylem saps by RP-HPLC

Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies

Wei Wei, Huiting Huang, Jing Cui, Zhenggui Wei*


Evaluation of removal efficiency of fluoride from aqueous solution using nanosized fluorapatite

Desalination and Water Treatment

W Wei, X Wang, Y Wang, M Xu, J Cui, Z Wei*


Effect of temperature on the adsorption of sulfanilamide onto aluminum oxide and its molecular dynamics simulations

Applied Surface Science

Ji, Y., Wang, F.*, Gu, Z., & Gong, X.


Synthesis and photocatalytic property of Fe3O4@TiO2 core/shell nanoparticles supported by reduced graphene oxide sheets

Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Peichang Ma, Wei Jiang, Fenghe Wang*, Fengsheng Li, Ping Shen, Mudan Chen, Yujiao Wang, Jie Liu, Pingyun Li