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Yuru Chen Professor

Research Interests: 
[1] Natural products and medical; Biotransformation; [2] Fermentation engineering and Microbial preparation; [3] Food formula and Functional sweetening agent.

Educational Background

1997/03-2000/04, Institute of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Zhejiang University, Ph.D.; 1990/09-1993/09, Institute of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Nanjing Chemical Engineering University, M.S.; 1980/09-1984/06, Department of Chemical Engineering, Nanchang University, B.S. 

Research Projects

[1] Key project of natural science of Jiangsu province (15KJA210002). Study on the mechanism of microbial modification of natural glycoside structure and the key factors of regulation Jiangsu University Natural Sciences.
[2] Application of polyphenols natural product from Stevia rebaudiana resource (NY-011-2015). Six talent peaks project in Jiangsu Province.
[3] Study on enzymatic transformation of natural products and separation and purification of sweet tea glycosides. Advantage biology project of Jiangsu province.
[4] Research on the thermochemical biological composite conversion mechanism of biomass pyrolysis. Research project of national forestry public benefit.
[5] Study on the new process of enzymatic combination resin to prepare chlorogenic acid from tobacco residue.
[6] Comprehensive utilization of tobacco residue and microbial transformation. Project of the state administration of tobacco.

Journal Articles

1.Zhang Yuqian#, Zhao Yunchen, Lu Yaoying, Cao Qiming, Chen Wenzhong, Chen Yuru*(2019). Bioconversion of fructus sophorae into 5,7,8,4’-tetrahydroxyis oflavone with Aspergillus aculeatus[J]. Plos ONE 14(3):1-10.
2.Mang Y#, LF Y, LZ, Yx Guo, K Dai, Chen Yuru*(2014). Phosphatase activity and culture conditions of the yeast Candida Mycoderma sp. and analysis of organic phosphorus hydrolysis ability. Journal of Environmental Sciences[J]. 26:2315-2321(SCI &EI). 
3.Mei Yanzhen#*, Chen Yuru, etc (2013). Cloning purification and biochemical properties of a thermostable pectinasefrom Bacillus halodurans M29[J]. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 94:77-81(SCI).
4.Chen Yuru#*, Tang Gang, Q J Yu etc(2009). Biosorption properties of hexavalent chromium on to biomass of tobacco leaf residues[J]. Environmental Technology,30:10,1003-1010(SCI).
5.Chen Yuru#, Q J Yu, etc(2009). Hydrodynamics and Oxygen Mass Transfer in a Flexible Fibre Biofilm Reactor for Wastewater Treatment[J]. Chinese Chemical Engineering Research, 17(5): 879-882(SCI).
6.Chen Yuru#*, Q J Yu, etc(2007). Extraction and HPLC Characterisation of Chlorogenic Acid form Tobacco Residuals[J]. Separation Science and Technology 42:3481-3492 (SCI).
7.Zhao Yunchen#*, Li J.,Chen Yuru, Hang H.(2009).Response to oxidative stress of Coriolus versicolor induced by exogenous hydrogen peroxide and paraquat[J]. Annals of Microbiology. 39(2):1-7(SCI).
8.Zhao Yixuan#, Chen Yuru*, Sun Huan, Liu Junli, Wei Min, Xia Wenjing(2014). Isolation and identification of a strain producing carotenoids by levoglucosant[J]. Acta Microbiologica Sinica.54(07):821-827.
9.Ma Yingying#, Chen Yuru*, Zhang Weina, Sun Huan, Xia Wenjing(2014). Aspergillus aculeatus converts stevia into stevia alcohol and purified Rebaudioside A[J]. Acta Microbiologica Sinica.54(1):62-68.
10.Jiang Zhongyu#, Chen Yuru*, Liu Hu(2011). Identification and transformation characteristics of a bacterium that converts stevioside into Rubusoside[J]. Acta Microbiologica Sinica.51(1):43-48.
11..Liu Hu#, Chen Yuru*, Jiang Zhongyu(2010). Identification enzyme production and transformation characteristics of a rapidly transforming strain of stevioside[J]. Acta Microbiologica Sinica.50(7) :885-890.
12.Chen Yuru#*, Liu Youfen, Luo Yuejun, Wei Ping(2009). Identification of a wild neurospora and its potential for cellulosic ethanol fermentation[J]. Journal of Chemical Engineering of Chinese Universities.23(5):819-824 (EI).

Honors and Awards

[1] Education and Teaching Achievement Award of Jiangshu Province Department of Education,2018
[2] Prizes of the Zhejiang Province Scientific and Technological Progress Award,1999
[3] Prizes of the Fengcheng Municipality Scientific and Technological Progress Award,1988

Wechat: stonechenok