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Dean's welcome


As the dean of School of Geographical Science at the Nanjing Normal University, it is my pleasure to welcome you to visit our website, whether you are a parent, prospective or current student, or potential partner institution.

The origin of School of Geographical Science at the Nanjing Normal University can be traced to the historic and earth science educational curriculum offered by Sanjiang Normal School established in 1902. The discipline of Geography of Nanjing Normal University was founded in 1952 by Professor Xudan Li, a key founder of Chinese modern human geography. The discipline always focuses on geographical science, adheres to the academic spirit of "patriotism, progress, scrupulousness and creativity" put forward by Mr. Li, and has created a comfortable, harmonious and active discipline culture. Since the reform, we have got the postdoctoral research station of geography (1996) and the first level discipline of geography authorized to offer doctorate degree (2000). Also, we ranked top five at the third round National Discipline Assessment hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It has also built a team with core members who were honored with titles as "Thousand Talents”, “Outstanding Youth”, “the Changjiang Scholars”, and “National Outstanding Teaching Masters", and with groups based on the National Teaching Team, the Innovation Team led by Changjiang Scholars of Chinese Ministry of Education and the science and technology innovation team in Jiangsu Province. The discipline takes the promotion of the collaborative innovation capability of talents, disciplines, research and industry as an integration, and takes the establishment of National Key Disciplines of the Cartography and Geographic Information System, the National Key (foster) Disciplines of Human Geography and the Key Disciplines in Jiangsu Province of Physical Geography as foundation, and comprehensively promotes the development of the national first-level discipline of geography.

We aim at the international frontier of geographical science, which is guided by the significant demands of the geographical discipline and national economic and social developments, with the mission of "exploring the laws of nature and revealing the essence of humanity", and with the goal of establishing the first-class discipline that has great international influences. The final goal of the discipline is to build a theoretical research highland that reveals the distribution pattern, evolution process and interaction of geographical environment; to build a technology innovation foundation that helps to explore the production, transmission, transformation, modeling, analysis, and social services of geographic information; to build an important foundation that reveals the coupling process and effect of the human-land relation, serves the national strategy and social economic developments, and converges and trains high-level talents of geography.

We have made significant contributions to sustainable utilization of soil and the reductions of pesticide usages based on strong reductive methods to solve the soil diseases; have carried out the tourism quality, tourism standards, wisdom travel and series studies on tourism brand, which has played an important role in promoting tourism connotation over Jiangsu and the whole country and tourism standardization and informatization development; have formed features of demonstration in the sea and marine planning and zoning, marine economy and marine demarcation, which have supported the implementation of the coastal strategy in Jiangsu Province and the whole country; have developed 57 industry application software, and have spawned more than 10 high-tech enterprises, which have enhanced the capacity for independent innovation and international influence in the geographical information technology. The annual consulting and services income of the discipline has reached over 50 million Yuan, which has made important contributions to the regional social and economic developments, cultural heritage and national security. The discipline uses the professional advantages to serve the social and economic development, relies on Geographic Information Resources Development and Utilization of Collaborative Innovation Center in Jiangsu Province, Police Geographic Information Technology of the Ministry of Public Security Key Laboratory and Oceanic Comprehensive Development and Ecological Construction Project Center in Jiangsu Province, which have formed significant features and advantages in geographical engineering and social services.

We rely on a complete geography talent cultivation system covering "undergraduate, postgraduate, doctor and post-doctor", to enhance students' comprehensive ability for the purpose of deepening the reform of geography teaching. We pay attention to the top-level design, strengthen the integration of various resources, adhere to utilize scientific research advantage for teaching, and fully improve the talent quality of the training model. Taking two national-level teaching teams (geographical information system and modern natural geography) as the core, the discipline is supported by the national teaching platforms such as the National Teaching Demonstration Center in Geography, the National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center, national experimental training program for talent cultivation models, and the international training platforms such as the ERASMUS+ international education cooperation projects. Under the support of the Famous Brand Discipline of Jiangsu Province and led by the National Fine Course, we will continuously promote the training quality of talents and the professional connotation, cultivate innovative geographical talents with focuses on geography theory and practice, modern geographic information technology and international vision, to create a first-class talent cultivation system with distinctive characteristics in China.

We have carried out substantive cooperations with dozens of universities and other famous foreign research institutions, such as NASA, ESRI, and have participated in the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), the significant international scientific cooperation projects in the earth observation area of the European Space Agency (ESA) and so on. Several papers have been included in the ESI highly cited papers. Yongjin Wang, Zucong Cai and Guanjun Shen have been selected in Elsevier highly cited scholar list. We have hosted several international academic conferences, such as International Symposium on Terrain Analysis and Digital Terrain Modelling, Geomorphometry 2013 and Nitrogen Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Methods and Outlook, and have established National Geographic Information System Doctoral Forum and National GIS Training of Teaching Ability for Young Teachers, which have produced important repercussions both at home and abroad.

Welcome to the School of Geographical Science. As dean of the school, I am proud to be part of an exciting and talented team of faculty, researchers, and staff that strive for providing excellent opportunities for students to learn through the creation of knowledge and service to the broader community.

Linwang Yuan

Dean, School of Geographical Science

Professor, Doctor