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Academic Events

Academic Report: Response of methanogenic communities in different environments to desiccation stress

Topic: Response of methanogenic communities in different environments to desiccation stress

Reporter: Dr. Marcela Hernandez (University of Southampton, UK)

Time: 11:00, Apr 10th, 2018

Room: 320, School of Geography Science

Research interests:

Dr. Marcela Hernandez is fascinated by the important role of microorganisms (bacteria and archaea) in different ecosystems. She wants to understand how communities can establish in soils that have been perturbed either by human manipulation or by a natural disturbance. Her research area focuses on total microbial community (16S rRNA gene in bacteria and archaea) and specifically in herbicide-degrading bacteria (atz genes), ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms (nitrifiers AOA and AOB, amoA genes), methane-oxidizing bacteria (methanotrophs, pmoA genes) and anaerobic methane-producers by archaea (methanogens, mcrA genes). She studies their role in several agricultural soils (from Chile, Germany and China), flooded rice and upland soybean fields (from China) and volcanic soils (from Chile). Her current project is to identify antimicrobial resistant bacteria in soil by using stable isotope probing (SIP). They aim to discover which bacteria constitute the soil resistome in different British soils, and also want to understand if horizontal gene transfer (HGT) occurs between potential pathogens within soil microbiomes.

She uses culture-dependent (isolation, characterization and identification of bacteria) and culture-independent techniques, 13CO2-SIP and high throughput Illumina sequence to assess community diversity and obtain a distinctive fingerprint of the microbial community.

1) Microbe-plant interaction in rice root and rizhosphere

2) Soil microbiology and ecology in herbicide-treated agricultural soils

3) Total microbial communities with focus in nitrifiers and methanogens in soils

4) Antimicrobial resistant bacteria in soil microbiomes