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Academic Events

"Anglo-American Geographic Education Research Development and Prospects" Report Held Successfully

On December 18, 2019, the theme report " Anglo-American Geographic Education Research Development and Prospects " hosted by the School of Geographical Sciences of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held. The reporter of this report is Dr. Miao Xin, an outstanding graduate of the School of Geographical Sciences. Professor Lu Yuqi, Professor Tang Maolin, Professor Dong Ping and Professor Chen Shitao from Nanjing Normal University attended the report.


*Speech by Professor Lu Yuqi

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Lu Yuqi gave a speech, mainly to briefly introduce the main research directions of Dr. Miao Xin. At the same time, he proposed that he hopes that this report will further stimulate the vitality of geography education-related teaching and research in the college and further promote its development.


First, Dr. Miao Xin interpreted the reasons why this report chose British and American geography education as the research object for three reasons: In China, most of the "geography" learned in universities and middle schools originated in Europe; the development of education in modern China Affected by British and American influences; English is the most popular language in the world. Secondly,  Dr. Miao Xin suggested that the latest relevant research on British and American geography education can be obtained from the official websites of relevant institutions such as the IGU-CGE International Geographical Education Committee, the National Geographic Education Research Center, the EU Geographical Viability Project, and the China Geography Teaching.

* Report by Dr. Miao Xin

In the report, with regard to the methods for effective search of relevant literature on geographical education research, Dr. Miao Xin mainly understood the IGU-CGE International Geographic Federation's official website of geographical education. These include the origin, development, purpose of the website, the main features provided, and related simple use. At the same time, Dr. Miao Xin put forward the topic on “The Challenges of Teaching and Learning in Geography Education in the Next Decade”. For the challenges of teaching and learning in Geography Education in the future, the doctor believes that we should base on the concept of geography and focus on research ethics Allow diversified development of education, teaching and research.

*Report photo

Finally, Dr. Miao Xin talked about “the phenomenon of enrolling non-normal graduates from famous schools as teachers in domestic middle school geography education teaching. Is there a similar situation or any difference in the situation between teachers in British and American middle schools?”, “Graduation employment for geography majors” and “Geography "Professional studies" and other students had wonderful interaction.