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Academic Events

Our school successfully held 'The First International Exchange Meeting'

The first international exchange meeting is held in the school of Geography Science on April 1st. More than 30 officers attended this meeting, which includes Jian Wang (deputy vice chancellor of NNU), officers from the university office, the office of academis affairs, the office of student work, the graduate school of NNU, the office of personnel, the international office, the financial department, the school of Geography Science, collaborative innovation center in Geographic information and all academic leaders.  

It was hosted by Li Qianjin, Party committee secretary of our school. The dean of our college, professor Yuan Linwang, introduced the general condition of international exchanges and the faculies for the working committee of international exchanges in our school. professor Tang Guoan, as the principal person in charge of the preparation of this committee, made a detailed report on the current condition, achievements, existing problems and possible solutions. Professor Zhu A-xing, the committee director, as well as the director of Jiangsu collaborative innovation center, introduced the all-round cooperation with foreign famous universities, internationlization for the cultivation of young researchers and graduate students, and the joint fieldwork with foreign universities. Professor Zhang Shuliang, head of the department of Geo-information science, introduced the international training program for undergraduates. Professor Sheng Yehua introduced the basic situation for the European Union Erusmus+ international course that our school has partipated in.


After the reports from our school, leaders from different departments held highly positive responses on the international work that our school has done, and gave suggestions on the problems we met before. Finally, Professor Wang Jian summarized the entire meeting, emphasized the importance of international exchanges, and proposed the expectations on our school.