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Academic Events

Professor Cui Gonghao from Nanjing University and Professor Taixiong Kojima from Kyoto University Visited Our School for Academic Exchanges

At the invitation of Prof. Zhang Xiaolin from our college, on the afternoon of February 17, Professor Cui Gonghao from Nanjing University, Japanese geographer and Professor Taixiong Kojima from Kyoto University came to our institute for academic exchanges and held an academic seminar on topics related to rural geography. Also present at the seminar were Prof. Chen Xiaohua from Anhui Jianzhu University, Cui Shuping, deputy director of the Research Center of the Jiangsu Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Zhao Yi, deputy dean of the Jiangsu Institute of Urban and Rural Planning and Design, and associate professors Wang Yahua, Li Hongbo, and Ge Dazhu. Dr. Zhu Bin from Nanjing Xiaozhuang University and some graduate students.

The symposium was mainly based on the cooperation between Professor Taixiong Kojima from Kyoto University and Professor Zhang Xiaolin from our school on the field of rural reconstruction. First of all, Prof. Taixiong Kojima introduced the collaborative research results of "Reorganization of rural settlement under public ownership in China" published on Jan. 12, 2019 at the International Workshop for the Reorganization of Rural Settlement System in Kyoto University, Japan. By summarizing the historical facts of China's rural construction, he sorted out the historical process of China's rural reconstruction under the background of the socialist public ownership policy, and talked about his personal thoughts on the development prospects of China's rural areas. Vice dean Zhao Yi gave a report titled “Practice and Thinking of Jiangsu Villages and Towns Layout Planning under the New Background of Urbanization”. Combined with the actual work, he introduced the experience of Jiangsu Province in rural planning and construction, especially the layout planning of towns and villages in Jiangsu. After that, Prof. Zhang Xiaolin reported on a series of research results in the rural geography of our school. Later, the experts participating in the conference conducted full exchanges and discussions on issues such as rural development, rural planning and construction, and rural social culture in China and Japan. At the end of the meeting, Prof. Cui Gonghao from Nanjing University made a concluding speech. Although Mr. Cui is over 80 years old, he is thoughtful and clear-minded. He pointed out that the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy has pushed the status of the Chinese countryside to a new height, and the value of the village needs to be re-recognized. He also emphasized that the School of Geography of Nanjing Normal University is the origin of rural geography in China, which also has solid discipline foundation. He mentioned that our school should continue to explore in the field of rural geography in the future. He also put forward the ardent expectations for the future development of rural geography of our school.

The meeting exchanged information on further collaborative research as well.