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Academic Events

Professor Dawei Han from The University of Bristol in The United Kingdom Came to Our School for Academic Report

At the invitation of the School of Geography and the Collaborative Innovation Center for the Development and Utilization of Geographic Information Resources in Jiangsu Province, Prof. Dawei Han of the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom came to our school for academic exchange on Jun. 17 and made a report entitled "Most computational hydrology is not reproducible, so is it really science?" in Room 411 of Xingyuan Building on the morning of the same day. This report was hosted by Associate Professor Dai Qiang of the School of Geography, and teachers and students from related fields participated in this academic report.

Dawei Han is a tenured professor at the Department of Engineering, Cabot Research Center, and Systems Engineering Research Center of the University of Bristol, UK. He is currently a member of the EPSRC peer review project, a member of the NERC Academy, an associate editor of the International Journal of Water and Environmental Management (IJWREM), and an editor of SCI journals such as International Journal of Ecological Development (IJED) and Journal of Water Hydro-environment Research (JHER). Professor Dawei Han has long-term research in real-time flood forecasting, flood risk assessment and management, climate change, water resources management, natural disasters and environmental engineering. He has participated in more than 20 major projects funded by the Newton Fund, EPSRC, NERC and EU in natural disasters, flood risk management and climate change. He has published more than 200 papers and 5 monographs in international top journals such as Water Resour. Res., Geophys. Res. Lett., J. Hydrol., Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sc..

At the converence, Prof. Dawei Han introduced the research result of the Sino-British National Natural Science Foundation International Cooperation and Exchange Program he presided over (Resilient Economy and Society by Integrated Systems modeling), focusing on some current scientific issues in the field of hydrological research such as the sharing of data and models and the reproducibility of experimental results. At the end of the report, Prof. Dawei Han shared the Virtual Water-Science Laboratory developed by him, and demonstrated the platform data processing, modeling, and process analysis.

Professor Dawei Han's report arised everyone's positive thinking. The teachers and students discussed the issues about whether hydrology is a science, virtual water science experiment platform and other models. The report lasted for nearly two hours. The atmosphere of the meeting was lively and the exchanges were full. The teachers and students benefited a lot from it.