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Academic Events

Professor Giuseppe Cirella from University of Gdansk came to our university for academic exchange

At the invitation of the School of Geography of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Giuseppe Cirella, director of the Polo centre of sustainability in Italy, professor of the Department of Economics of the University of Gdansk in Poland, came to our School of Geography for academic exchange on December 16-18, 2019. On December 18, 2019, Prof. Cirella gave a lecture named “Societal Changes: Discourses from a human geographer” to the teachers and students from School of Geography.


Prof. Cirella first discussed sustainable development from different perspectives. Then he gave a vivid introduction to the basic problems of geography, including the definition, research methods and different branches of geography. Finally, Prof. Cirella elaborated the sustainable economic ISF model of his project in Urat Front Banner, Inner Mongolia.