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Academic Events

Professor Xin Hongye's lecture on "Practicing Tourism Informationization-Thinking and Ideas" was held in the School of Geography

In terms of the reality of my country's tourism development, there are still a series of problems that need to be solved urgently in the development and application of tourism informatization, such as the lack of ideas and thinking about tourism informatization. In order to enhance the professional quality of our students and broaden their horizons, Professor Xin Hongye, the deputy director of the Information Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is invited to open a wonderful event for graduate students of our school with the theme of "Practicing Tourism Informationization-Thinking and Ideas" Lecture.

Director Xin mainly analyzed the three themed chapters of the network world and digital ecology, the construction and operation of smart tourism, and the Inspiration of the smart road, and informed the masters and doctors present in simple terms that the integration of technology and cultural tourism industry is an important part of smart tourism, supported by technological innovation, followed by model innovation and application innovation, and it is the only way for the integration of technology and cultural tourism industry. There are no shortcuts and no overtaking in corners. This requires tourism scholars in the new era to enhance their understanding of technological innovation, including foresight in service innovation. This is a difficulty in the promotion of smart cultural tourism, and it is also a bright point of smart cultural tourism and business applications. The whole lecture ended with warm applause from the audience.