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Academic Events

The international exchange learning conference was held in our school

On May 21st, our school held the international exchange learning conference for summarizing the 'Young scholar thesis writing training program' in the University of Wisconsin Madison, U.S. It attracted six young scholars and three students in our school.


Professor Yuan Linwang (dean of our school), Wu Jiang (deputy director for the university human resource department), professor Zhu A-xing (director of the Jiangsu collaborative and innovation center), professor Tang Guoan (director of the international exchange committee of our school) attended this meeting. Mr. Wu Jiang first highly affirmed the international work our school has done, and then put forward his expectations on future works, encouraging young scholars and students to apply more exchange opportunities. Professor Zhu A-xing, as the project founder, introduced this program and previous successful cases in detail. Later, nine participants exchanged their experience in different aspects.


Finally, professor Yuan Linwang, emphasized the importance of international exchange, and encourged young researchers to learn more advanced methods to make their unique researches.