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Academic Events

The report of “territorial function-structure and land spatial planning”

On January 10, 2020, the theme report of “territorial function-structure and land spatial planning” sponsored by the School of Geography of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held. The report was presented by Jie Fan, vice president of the Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the Key Laboratory of Regional Sustainable Development of Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the National “14th five-year planning” expert committee, and leader of the National “Double Evaluation” expert group. Teachers including Yuqi Lu, Tao Wang, Weihua Guan, Ping Dong, Cheng Jin and Yu Chen attended the report.

*Introduction of Professor Yuqi Lu

At the beginning of the meeting, professor Yuqi Lu delivered a speech, mainly introducing the main research results of researcher Jie Fan.

The spatial organization law of territorial function-structure is the basic theoretical problem of human-earth system coupling research, and also the basic theory of developing land spatial planning and shaping sustainable geographical pattern. Research Jie Fan systematically reported the research results of the major function-oriented zones and the “Double Evaluation”, and combined the academic process of the formation of the results and the reason why they could be tenable at the national level, playing an important scientific role in decision-making.

Researcher Jie Fan thinks that we should implement the strategy of the development the major function-oriented zones as the main thread, subject to spatial downscaling conduction function as the core scientific questions, as the key structure for the space constraint parameters controlling index, discuss the database and the regional function spectrum, function and scale depend on the bearing capacity evaluation method and model library, “Three Districts and Three Lines(city, ecological and agricultural areas, urban growth boundary, permanent basic farmland and ecological the red line)”the construction of framework, the argument space planning ways to implement the strategy of the major function-oriented zones. The research puts forward the idea of strengthening the construction of scientific and technological support system of large, medium scale (regional) land spatial planning.


*Reporting of researcher Jie Fan

At the end of the report, research Jie Fan made serious answers to the questions raised by teachers and students on how to develop the discipline of physical geography in the future, what are the basic propositions and core elements of geography, and how to deal with the disharmony of the major function-oriented zone planning at different areas. The whole lecture ended in warm applause from the audience.

*Taking a photo with the reporter