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Academic Events

The seminar for Yellow River Special Fund Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China was successfully held in the School of Geography

The seminar for Yellow River Special Fund Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China was successfully held in the school of geography on August 22-24. The member of seminar committee includes Prof. Guoan Tang (School of Geography, Nanjing Normal University), Prof. Pingcang Zhang (Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute), Prof. Gaohuan Liu, Prof. Chong Huang (Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Yi Zhang (Lanzhou University), Yunfei Gao, Shanshan Zhou (Upper and Middle Yellow River Bureau), Lele Cui (the Yellow Committee Suide Soil and Water Conservation Station and Associate Prof. Jiang Ling (Chuzhou University).

The Yellow River Basin is also an important ecological barrier area and economic development area in China. However, under the influence of global climate change and human activities, the Yellow River Basin is facing a series of problems such as water shortage, serious soil erosion, fragile ecological environment, frequent geological disasters, and incoordination of human-land systems.

At the meeting, Pingcang Zhang made reports on "Study on Environmental Evolution and Water–Sediment Operation Laws in the Yellow River Basin" and "Study on Major Issues in Comprehensive Management and Development of the Loess Plateau Region". He pointed out many existing problems in the Yellow River Basin and made fully analysis from the exploration of scientific laws to comprehensive management and development.

Ling Jiang gave a report on "Parallel Computation of Hydrological Models in the Yellow River Basin", which systematically revealed the existing efficiency problems of hydrological models and their solutions.

Lele Cui summed up his many years of experience in water and soil conservation, and made a report of "Suide Soil and Water Conservation Work Summary and Prospects". He put forward his own views on the comprehensive management of the Yellow River Basin.

Shanshan Zhou summarized the work of the Upper and Middle Yellow River Bureau in the Loess Plateau for many years, and made a report on the "Progress of the Project of Relieving and Reinforcing Dangerous Check Dam on the Loess Plateau", showing the existing problems of the Yellow River Basin with actual projects.

The meeting lasted for three days, with special seminars set up every day. The experts expressed their opinions and actively discussed, which strongly promoted the progress of the application for the Yellow River Special Fund. It was agreed with the members that this meeting had sufficient exchanges, fruitful discussions and results.