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Academic Events

The series of lectures (1) (2) on surveying and mapping industry in the School of Geography, Nanjing Normal University was successfully held

In order to help graduate students with a professional degree in the School of Geography to fully understand the development, current situation and future directions of the surveying and mapping industry, at 14:00 on November 26th, the School of Geography held two series of lectures on the surveying and mapping geographic information industry at 313, Xuexing Building. Professor Sheng Yehua, deputy director, professor, and doctoral supervisor of Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Geographic Information Science of Nanjing Normal University hosted the meeting.

The first session was hosted by senior engineer Huang Jianxue, the general manager of the East China Mineral Geological Exploration Company of the East China Nonferrous Geological Exploration Bureau, and the deputy dean (presiding over the work) of the Bureau's Resource Investigation and Evaluation Institute. In the first lecture, Mr. Huang started from his own surveying and mapping experience, told the development history of the surveying and mapping industry, and analyzed the key research areas and future development trends of the surveying and mapping discipline. At the same time, he put forward some suggestions to the students, and especially emphasized the professional ethics of love and dedication.

In the second session, Professor Wang Bo, professor of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Longshan Scholar, and founder of Nanjing Yutu Technology Development Co., Ltd. was the keynote speaker. In the second lecture, Professor Wang Bo divided it into three parts to explain to everyone, detailed and systematic described the development process, practical application and current deficiencies of UAV tilt photogrammetry.




At the end of the lecture, Professor Sheng Yehua made a wonderful summary of the two lectures, and respectively described the industry background and development trend of the surveying and mapping industry from the overall and the details. In addition, he also talked about the success of this series of lectures, hoping to deepen the students' understanding of the surveying and mapping industry, and to lay a solid foundation for the students to engage in surveying and mapping in the future, and wished everyone success in learning.