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Academic Events

The series of lectures (3) on surveying and mapping industry in the School of Geography, Nanjing Normal University was successfully held

In order to help graduate students with a professional degree in the School of Geography to fully understand the development, current situation and future directions of the surveying and mapping industry, at 15:00 on December 17th, the School of Geography held the third one of the series of lectures on the surveying and mapping geographic information industry at 101, Xuexing Building. Professor Sheng Yehua, deputy director, professor, and doctoral supervisor of Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Geographic Information Science of Nanjing Normal University hosted the meeting.

The keynote speaker of this lecture was Xu Dibao, the dean of Jiangsu Academy of Surveying and Mapping Engineering, a professor-level senior engineer, a second-level technical post, the deputy director of the Position Service Working Committee of the Chinese Society of Surveying and Mapping, the Jiangsu Provincial Society of Surveying and Mapping, and the deputy chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Society of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, the Dean of Geosciences. The topic of this lecture is "The Construction of "Real Scene Three-dimensional Jiangsu" and Natural Resources Application". Dean Xu mainly explained to the students from the four aspects of construction background, "Real Three-dimensional Jiangsu" construction, natural resource application, summary and prospects. After the content was explained, Dean Xu and the teachers of the School of Geography conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the research results of the Institute of Surveying and Mapping and the status of the surveying and mapping industry, and the presented students benefited a lot.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Sheng Yehua made a wonderful summary of the content of this lecture. At the same time, Professor Lv Guonian also commented on the current research status of the surveying and mapping industry on the content of this lecture. In addition, the two professors both talked about the success of this series of lectures, hoping that the students can have a deeper understanding of the surveying and mapping industry, and hope that the students can grow rapidly in the near future.