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Three scholars from our school are listed in 'Most Cited Chinese Researchers' released by Elsevier


Recently, Elsevier released the list for 'Most Cited Chinese Researchers' in 2016, which comprises 1776 Chinese researchers from 38 principles. Seven researchers are named in Nanjing Normal University. In the school of Geography Science, three researchers, namely Yongjin Wang, Zucong Cai and Guanjun Shen, are included in fields of 'Earth & Planetary Science', 'Agriculture & Bioscience', 'Arts and Humanities', respectively.


The list is based on the data of Elsevier's Scopus. “Highly cited Researchers” refers to the first or corresponding authors of the papers which rank the top in mainland China in terms of citations. Being included in the list means the scholar has a great impact on the scientific community and his/her research contributes greatly to relevant research fields.