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Academic Events

University of Massachusetts’ Earth Science and the Climate System Research Center director —— Professor Raymond S. Bradley Came to Our Institute for Academic Exchange


On March 28th, 2016, At the invitation of the School of geographical sciences, the international famous geologist, University of Massachusetts’ earth science and the climate system research center director——professor Raymond S. Bradley came to our school for academic exchange.

Professor Raymond S. Bradley is the international famous scientist in the field of global change, who won the European Geosciences Union Hans Oeschger medal in 2007. Besides, the professor is a part-time chairman of University of Massachusetts Institute and the fellow of American Geophysical Union(AGU).Professor Raymond S. Bradley’s main research direction is using proxy data to analyze long time scales’ climate change characteristics and its causes in Quaternary, and he made significant contributions in the research fields of ancient climate reconstruction, Arctic climate environment and global climate change research. So far, professor Bradley has published 13 academic monographs and more than 200 papers. Among them, more than 30 articles were published in world's top journals such as Science, Nature, PNAS. In addition, his articles were cited more than 24,000 times as well as the h-index is 71.

In the morning, professor Bradley delivered a academic report named “Climate of the last millennium”in Room 320, Geographic Science building. Dean Tang Guoan , professor Wang Yongjin , professor Zheng Hongbo , professor Liu Jian with some teachers and graduate students attended this report. Firstly, professor Bradley introduced the main driving factors’ forcing reconstruction sequences past 2000 years such as orbit parameters, solar radiation, volcanic activity, greenhouse gases. Then, the professor provided detailed information on the temperature reconstruction sequence in the past millennium, which were newly published home and abroad. Finally, professor Bradley introduced the social impact of climate change over the past 1000 years.

4 pm on the same day, Nanjing Normal University “Xu-Dan forum” symposium was solemnly held in east hall of JingWen library. Professor Raymond S. Bradley as the keynote speaker and made an academic report entitled “Global environmental change: The fierce urgency of now”. The colloquium was presided over by professor Zheng Hongbo from School of Geography Sciences, more than 300 teachers and students in our school attended the lecture. Based on considerable data, professor Bradley further illustrated the impact of human beings to the earth, which included the increase greenhouse gases, the growth of the global temperature, the reduce of biological species, the rise of global sea level in the future and so on. In addition, the professor also called on human beings should strive for environmental right.

Professor Bradley’s two wonderful reports aroused extensive interest and discussion in the teachers and students attending the report. Finally, the report successfully ended with warm applause.