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Academic Events

Wang Shuzhi's lecture on "Timber Archeology" was held in the School of Geography

Timber archeology, as the interdisciplinary of Botany and Archeology, has played an important role in the fields of archeology, geography and environmental science. Researcher Wang Shuzhi, a researcher at the Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is a well-known scholar in the field of Timber archeology. On the afternoon of December 25, our school specially invited researcher Wang Shuzhi to give a wonderful academic report for the teachers and students of our school under the title "Timber Archeology".

Mr. Wang Shuzhi's main research directions are plant archeology, environmental archeology, and science and technology archeology. His main specialty is timber archeology (tree ring chronology and wood identification). Timber archeology (xylonarchaeology) is a discipline that specializes in studying the remains of wood excavated from archeological sites. It takes the wood remains unearthed from archeological sites as research objects, and applies research methods such as wood anatomy, wood science, plant archeology, and tree ring chronology to determine the age of cultural relics, seek information on human use of wood, and explore ancient ancestors relations with plants, restoration of regional woody plant species, reconstruction of paleoenvironment and paleoclimate.

After the report, Mr. Wang also gave serious answers to the questions raised by the teacher and classmates. The whole lecture ended with warm applause from the audience. The lecture was chaired by Associate Professor Jia Xin of our school.