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Academic Events

Welcome Prof. Yang Zongliang to visit our school !

Recently, prof. Yang Zongliang, invited by prof. Liu Jian, visited our school. He made an academic report on 'Land Surface Modeling: Past, Present and Future' in room 320. Prof. Liu Jian hosted this report, and the dean, Prof. Yuan Linwang and other lecturers participated in the report.


During the whole presentation, professor Yang firstly introduced the importance of land surface on weather forecast and climate model, and then reviewed the developing process of land surface model from the first generation to the fourth generation. Meanwhile, professor Yang explained the advantages and disadvantages of NCAR Community Land Model (CLM), Noah and Noah-MP. Finally, he introduced the model evaluation and validation methods.



Dr. Yang is the professor from Key Laboratory of Regional Climate-Environment for Temperate East Asia (RCE-TEA), CAS and the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin. His primary research interest is to understand the exchanges of momentum, radiation, heat, water, carbon dioxide, and other materials between the atmosphere and the Earth surface spanning from small (short) to very large (long) scales. This includes analysis of in-situ and remotely-sensed data for the Earth's surface, and modeling studies of weather, climate and hydrology at local, regional and global scales. His research is motivated by several overarching questions: How does land shape climate, or vice versa, on all time and space scales? What has been the impact of human activity on the Earth? What is the future of our environment under the changing climate? How good are climate models in simulating biosphere-hydrosphere-atmosphere interactions? How can we improve them? Are current satellite datasets alone sufficient for monitoring our environmental conditions? His publications include more than 80 peer-reviewed articles, in addition to more than 100 conference proceedings papers, research reports and presentations abstracts. Dr. Yang is the Principal Investigator of federal projects funded by NSF, EPA, NASA and NOAA. Dr. Yang's general research interests include: Global Change; Climate Modeling; Land-Surface Modeling; Snow Hydrology; Runoff; North American Monsoon; Interaction of Terrestrial and Atmospheric Hydrological Processes; Flood and Drought; Remote Sensing; Biogenic VOC Emissions and Air Quality.