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Anbo Li Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Geographic information security and copyright protection
  • Geological modeling and simulation

Educational Background

PhD, Cartography and Geographical Information System, Nanjing Normal University. (2007)

BA, Geology, Lanzhou University. (1996)

Visiting scholar, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013.05---2014.05.


Research Interests

Geographic information security and copyright protection, geological modeling and simulation

Research Projects

1.  Nanjing urban and rural construction land suitability evaluation system, National 863 major project sub topics, host, 2009-2010.

2.  Research on Key Technologies of copyright protection for two GIS vector data products, National 863 project, 2006AA12Z222, vice director, 2006-2009.

3.  Map aesthetics and its visual quality measurement and control method research, High level talent research fund project of Nanjing Normal University, host, 2008-2011.

4.  The policy and law of China's geographic information security, Major Program of National Natural Social Foundation of China, 11&ZD162, participate, 2012-2015.

5.  Vector grid integration of geographic data geometric accuracy of the model and method of research, National Natural Science Foundation of China, D010701, participate, 2014-2017.

6.  Vector geographic data watermarking detection model research, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41071245, participate, 2011-2013.

7.  GIS vector data copyright marking algorithm benchmarks and evaluation methods research, Doctoral fund of Ministry of Education, participate, 2012-2014.

Journal Articles

1.  Li A, Wang H, Zhou W. Scrambling encryption of vector digitalmap based on 2D chaos system[J]. Zhongguo Kuangye Daxue Xuebao/journal of China University of Mining & Technology, 2015, 44(4):747-753.

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