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Cheng Jin Associate Professor


Educational Background

PhD, Human Geography, Nanjing Normal University (2010)



Research Interests

Regional development and Tourism Geography

Research Projects

1.  Spatial pattern evolution of Tourist Attractions Based on accessibility analysis: a case study of the Yangtze River Delta, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012.1-2014.12, Total funds: 230,000 rank1/7

2. Study on the mechanism of the deep integration of culture and tourism and the evolution model of cultural tourism, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2013.1-2016.12, total funds: 600,000 rank2/9.

3. A study on the spatial and temporal characteristics of the perception model of local spiritual image: a case study of urban tourism destination, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014.1-2016.12, total funds: 240,000 rank 2/8.

Journal Articles

1.  Jin C, Huang Z F, Xu J, Gu Q S. Evaluation of travel convenience for residents in the Yangtze River Delta, China. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 2013, 18(8):865- 879. (SSCI)

2.  Jin C, Xu J, Lu Y Q, Huang Z F. The impact of Chinese Shanghai– Nanjing high-speed rail on regional accessibility. Geografisk Tidsskrift- Danish Journal of Geography, 2013, 113(2):133- 145. (SSCI)

3.  Jin C, Huang Z F, Jing X U. Assessment on Suitability of Scenic Spots Location in the Yangtze River Delta[J]. Journal of Natural Resources, 2013, 28(7):1196-1208.

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7.  Xu J, Jin C. Analysis on Distribution Characteristics of Model Sites for Industrial and Agricultural Tourism in Jiangsu Province[J]. Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2012.

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