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Fei Guo Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Virtual Geographical Environment 3D modeling and GIS Application


Educational Background

PostDoc, Cartography and Geographical Information System, Nanjing Normal University (2005)

PhD,Hydrology and water resources, Nanjing University (2003)

MA, Hydrology and water resources, Nanjing University(2000)

BA, Changchun University of Science and Technology (1997)



Research Interests

Virtual Geographical Environment 3D modeling and GIS Application


Research Projects

  1. Key projects of national science and technology support program, Application technology and software development of large water body environmental remote sensing monitoring based on environmental one and other domestic satellite(2008BAC34B05)
  2. Simulation of pollutant transport and diffusion in large water bodies in Major national science and technology projects- Research and demonstration of national water environment remote sensing technology system(2009ZX07527-006)and Remote sensing monitoring and evaluation of high grade drinking water source(05-Y30B02-9001-13/15-6)
  3. National Natural Science Foundation of China- Modeling and Simulation of settlement in urban soft soil area(40801147), Research on multi source data fusion of urban underground space(40471101), 3D spatial data model for Geo mechanics and process simulation (40671147) , Distributed geographic modeling environment for geographic problem solving (40730527), Dynamic characteristics and vertical distribution of suspended sediment in shallow sea tidal current oscillation boundary layer (41076008).
  4. National High Technology Research and Development Program of China- Research on Key Technologies of 3D GIS based on non-manifold theory in underground space (2007AA12Z236).


Journal Articles

1.   F. Guo, S. Wang, Z. Zhang. Simulation and model computation of Taihu lake based on GIS,Geoinformatics 2010, 2010, Proceeding of SPIE. 

2.   C. Ge, F. Guo, S. Wang. 3D visualization of pollutant dispersion in taihu lake, 2010 2nd Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology, 157-160. 

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