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Guolin Hou Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Tourism industry development
  • Tourism planning and Tourism Management

Educational Background



Research Interests

Tourism industry development, tourism planning and Tourism Management

Research Projects

1. National Social Science Fund- The system model and performance evaluation of low carbon transformation of tourism industry in South of Jiangsu;

2. Jiangsu province science and technology development plan- Jiangsu low carbon tourism industry development path and policy design research;

3. Natural science foundation of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department- The evaluation and optimization of tourism carbon footprint: a case study of the coastal wetlands in Jiangsu province;

4. Jiangsu province science and technology development plan- Jiangsu new rural community participation in harmonious tourism development mechanism and mode of study;

5. Jiangsu provincial philosophy and Social Science Research Fund- The Yangtze River Delta tourism circle of the spatial behavior of tourists and tourism market integration;

6. Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province- The development of community participation in the Coastal Wetland Nature Reserve in Jiangsu Province

Journal Articles

1. Hou G. Tourism Crisis: Category, Influence Mechanism and Management Model[J]. Nankai Business Review, 2005, 8(1):78-82.

2. Hou G L, Huang Z F. Evaluation on tourism community participation level based on AHP method with entropy weight[J]. Geographical Research, 2010, 29(10):1802-1813.

3. Hou G L, Huang Z F, Zhang X L. Community participatory ecotourism development model of yancheng coastal and marine wetland in jiangsu province [J]. Human Geography, 2007.

4. Hou G L. Thought and Innovation on Intern Models of Tourism Management[J]. Tourism Tribune, 2004.

5. Hou G. SARS-type Tourism Crisis and the New Thinking on Tourism Development After the Crisis[J]. Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2004.

6. Preliminary Survey on Market-Oriented Tourism Development Model and its Tourism Products Design《journal of Nanjing Normal University》(Nature Science) 2003.1;

7. Hou G, Huang Z, Zhao Z. Research on the formed mechanism and spatial structure of urban business recreation district [J]. Human Geography, 2002.

8. Tai yun-hong, Hou guo-lin, Li dong-he. The Characteristics and Countermeasures about Residents’ Low-carbon Tourism Awareness in Eco-city——Hefei as an example[J]. Jiangsu Commercial Forum, 2013.

9. HOU Guolin, HUANG Zhenfang, TAI Yunhong, et al. Progress and Implications in Tourism and Climate Change Research[J]. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 2015, 35(9).

10. Tourists’ Behavioral Characteristics of Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Resort and it’s Tourism Product Optimization Strategies.(Geol. Resour. Manag. and Sustain. Dev.) (CA) (EI,Accession number:20142117752061)

11. The Security Management Mechanisms and Strategies of Chinese Outbound Tourism (Regul. Reg. Econ. Chall. and Proj. Manag. in Sustain)(CA) (EI, Accession number:20142117752173)

Honors and Awards

Second prize of ‘Land resources science and technology’, Ministry of land and resources. (Main participant)

Second prize of Scientific research achievement, Land resources department of Jiangsu province. (Main participant)

The second Jiangsu outstanding youth science and technology award.

Third prize of Outstanding achievements of the fifth philosophy and Social Sciences in Nanjing. (Main participant)


Academic Title

Vice director of Tourism Department

Executive Vice-President of Dazu Development Research Institute, Nanjing Normal University.

Visiting fellow of ‘Tourism safety research base’, China Tourism Research Institute