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Jian Wang Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Physical Geography
  • Quaternary Environmental Geography

Educational Background

PHD, Nanjing University (1989)

Senior Visiting Scholar, University of Washington (1997-1998)


Research Interests

  1. Physical Geography
  2. Quaternary Environmental Geography

Journal Articles

  1. Wang Jian, et. al., 1999. Cenozoic environmental evolution of the Qaidam Basin and its implications for the uplift of the Tibetan Plateau and the drying of the central Asia. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 152,37-47.
  2. Wang Jian et al.,2001.Taihu Lake, lower Yangtze drainage basin: evolution, sedimentation rate and the sea level. Geomorphology, 41,183-193.
  3. Wang Jian,, 2009. Channel sedimentation and erosion of the Jiangsu reach of the Yangtze River during the last 44 years. Earth Surf. Process. Landforms, 34, 1587–1593.
  4. Jian Wang, 2010. Tidal Couplet Formation and Preservation, and Criteria for Discriminating Storm-Surge Sedimentation on the Tidal Flats of Central Jiangsu Province, China. Journal of Coastal Research, 26(5): 985-990
  5. Wang Jian, G.Raisbeck,Xu X.B., F.Yiou, Bai C.G.,2006.In Situ Cosmogenic 10Be dating of the Quaternary glaciations in the southern Mountain Shaluli on the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau. Science in China Seri D: Earth Science,49(12):1291-1298.
  6. Wang jian, et al., 2001. Discrimination of depositional seasonality of tidal flat sediment in northern Jiangsu Province, China. Chinese Science Bulletin, 46, supp, 2001.
  7. Wang Jian Late Glacial Geoid Changes and Geoidal Eustasy in Eastern China. CHINESE SCIENCE BULITIN, Vol .36 No.9,1991
  8. Wang J, et al. Reconstructing the history of Drift boulders’ movement by using the autothonuous cosmogenic isotope 10Be. Acta Geologica Sinica. 2003, 77(3)
  9. Wang J, et al. A relationship between susceptibility and grain-size and minerals and their paleo-environmental implication. Acta Geographica Sinica. 1996, 51(2)
  10. Wang J, et al. Sampling strategy for carbon isotope analysis of tree rings a case study of Crytaneria for tunei from Mt Tianmu, China. Acta Ecologica Sinca. 2008, 28(12)
  11. Wang J, et al. Mechanism of silt mud couplet of mud tidal flat and discrimination criteria of storm surge sedimentation in the middle Jiangsu province. Acta Sedimentologica Sinica. 2006, 24(4)


  1. Wang J. Coast land use and its potential in Jiangsu province. Ocean Press. 2012
  2. Wang J. Modern Physical Geography. Higher Education Press. 2001 (Second Edition, 2010)
  3. Wang J. Modern Physical Geography Practice Tutorial. Higher Education Press. 2006
  4. Wang J, et al. Practice Guidelines for Integrated Coastal Geography in Jiangsu Province. Science Press. 2012
  5. Cao G J, Wang J, et al. Channel evolution and modern erosion and deposition analysis for Jiangsu section of Yangtze River since the last Glacial Maximum. Shandong People’s Press. 2012​

Honors and Awards

  1. Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Lecturer of Jiangsu ‘Qinglan Project’, 1998
  2. Candidates for Young and Middle-aged Academic Leader of Jiangsu Province, 2006
  3. Second Price of National Award of Education (Ranking 5th)
  4. Third Price for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Province
  5. Third Price for Outstanding Achievement by Ministry of Land and Resources (Ranking 4th)

Academic Title

  1. Permanent commissioner of the standing party committee of NJNU
  2. Board director of the property management corporation of the university
  3. vice secretary of Party Committee of Nanjing Normal University
  4. Executive director of China Quaternary Researching Association
  5. Deputy director of coastal and ocean professional committee
  6. Director of China Institute of Geography
  7. Director-general of Jiangsu Institute of Geography
  8. Executive director of National University Geomorphology researching association
  9. Member of the committee for Geographical teaching by ministry of education