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Lisha Hao Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Energy geography and regional sustainable development

Educational Background

PhD, Human geography, Nanjing Normal University (2009)



Research Interests

Energy geography and regional sustainable development

Research Projects

1.  National Natural Science Foundation of China- Research on the structure and allocation effect of resources flow network based on the inter regional input and output -- a case study of China's oil resources flow, 2016.

2.    National Natural Science Foundation of China- Study on the regional effect of petroleum resources flow from the perspective of vertical and horizontal coupling: a case study of Karamay Oilfield, 2012~2014.

3.    Doctoral Scientific Fund Project of the Ministry of Education of China- Analysis of the comprehensive environmental effects of oil resources flow in Jiangsu Province, 2011~2013.

4.  National Natural Science Foundation of China- The theory and method of analyzing the flow process of carbon based energy resources, 2014~2017.

5.  National Natural Science Foundation of China- Research on the evolution law and formation mechanism of the spatial pattern of petroleum resources flow in China, 2010~2012.

6.  Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Fund project- The impact of energy price fluctuations on the economic and social impact of Jiangsu, 2006~2008.

7.  Jiangsu province university natural science research project- Jiangsu province energy flow space time evolution and energy sustainable development model research, 2005~2007.

8.  Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province- The research of spatial evolution model of energy industry in Jiangsu Province under the background of economic globalization, 2001~2003.


Journal Articles

1.  Yuan Zhao, Li-Sha Hao, Lu Wan. Research on the spatial structure of crude oil flow and the characteristics of its flow field in china. Energy Policy, 2007, 35(10): 5035-5050.

2.  Yuan Zhao, Li-Sha Hao, Yu-Ping Wang. Development strategies for wind power industry in Jiangsu Province, China: Based on the evaluation of resource capacity. Energy Policy, 2009, 37(5):1736-1744.

3.  Zhao Y, Shen L Y, Hao L S, et al. The Status of Silk Road Economic Belt in the World Oil Supply Pattern and Its Evolution[J]. Journal of Natural Resources, 2016.

4.  Hao L, Zhao Y. Elemental Analysis for the Spatial Structure of Oil Horizontal Flow[J]. Journal of natural resources, 2013, 28(10):1817-1826.

5.  Hao L S, Zhao Y. Africa's position shift in world oil supply pattern[J]. Geographical Research, 2012, 31(3):507-520.

6.  Zhao Y, Yang Z, Hao L, et al. The Evolution of Spatial Displacement Pattern of China's Crude Oil Flow Source-sink System[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 2012.

7.  Zhao Y, Hao L, Yang Z. Regional Differentiation of Energy Efficiency and Its Causes in Jiangsu[J]. Acta Geographica Sinica, 2010, 65(8):919-928.

8.  Zhao Y, Hao L S. The spatial structure of crude oil flow and the characteristic of its flow field in China[J]. Geographical Research, 2006, 25(5):753-764.

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11. Hao L S, Zhao Y. CONSTRUCTION OF REGIONAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM OF YANGTSE DELTA ——A Case Study of Nanjing Riverside Area[J]. Human Geography, 2006.



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Academic Title

Member of the Chinese geographical society, Member of China Society of natural resources, Member of Jiangsu Energy Research Association