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Min Wang Professor

Research Interests: 
Remote Sensing Information Engineering

Educational Background

PHD, Cartography and GIS, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (2003)

Postdoctoral, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (2003-2005)

Working in Nanjing Normal University (2005-Present)

Senior Visiting Scholar, Ohio State University (2012.08-2013.01)


Research Interests

Remote Sensing Information Engineering

Journal Articles

  1. Min Wang, Jiru Huang, Dongping Ming. Region-Line Association Constraints for High-resolution Image Segmentation, IEEE selected topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, DOI: 10.1109/JSTARS.2016.2539239
  2. Min Wang, Jie Wang. A Region–Line Primitive Association Framework for Object-Based Remote Sensing Image Analysis. Photogrammetric engineering & remote sensing, 2016, 82(2):149-159.
  3. Min Wang, Yanxia Sun, Guanyi Chen. Refining High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation for Man-made Objects through a Collinear and Ipsilateral Neighborhood Model. Photogrammetric engineering & Remote sensing, 2015,81(5):397-406
  4. Min Wang, Rongxing Li. Segmentation of high spatial resolution remote sensing imagery based on hard-boundary constraint and two-stage merging IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote sensing,2014,52(9):5712-5725
  5. Min Wang, Tengyi Song. Remote sensing image retrieval by scene semantic matching. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote sensing,2013,51(5):2874-2886
  6. Min Wang, Qiming Wan, et al. Remote Sensing Image Retrieval by Combining Image Visual and Semantic Features. International journal of remote sensing, 2013, 34(12): 4200–4223
  7. Min Wang, Siqi Zhang. Road Extraction from High-Spatial-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery by Combining Multi-Profile Analysis and Extended Snakes Model. International journal of remote sensing. 2011,32(21):6349-6365
  8. Min Wang, Yee Leung, Chenhu Zhou, Tao Pei, Jiancheng Luo. A Mathematical Morphology Based Scale Space Method for the Mining of Linear Features in Geographic Data. Data mining and knowledge Discovery, 2006, 12(1):97-118​

Honors and Awards

  1. Geographical technology Prize for Young Scholar in Jiangsu, 2007
  2. Outstanding Young Lecturer of Jiangsu ‘Qinglan Project’, 2008
  3. Excellent reviewer experts for ‘Online Scientific Paper’, awarded by Chinese Ministry of Education, 2005
  4. 100-Talents Program for Nanjing Normal University, 2013
  5. Special Prize for Excellent Teaching in Nanjing Normal University, 2013
  6. Cultivation for Leader of Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Scholar of Jiangsu ‘Qinglan Project’, 2014
  7. Distinguished Young Scholars funded by Jiangsu Province, 2014
  8. Funded by ‘Six Major Talent Summit’ of Jiangsu Province, 2015

Academic Title

Deputy Director of Remote Sensing and GIS Professional Committee by Institute of Geography in Jiangsu Province