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Min Xu Professor


Educational Background

Post-doc, The First Institute of Oceanography, SOA

PhD, Physical Geography, School of Geographical Sciences, Nanjing Normal University (1999)

MA, Physical Geography, School of Geographical Sciences, Nanjing Normal University(1996)

BA, Earth and Ocean Sciences specializing in geomorphology and Quaternary, Nanjing University (1993)



Research Interests

  1. Coastal dynamic geomorphology(Processes and mechanisms of coastal evolution with influence of land - sea interaction and modern coast evolution under the human intervention);
  2. Marine Resources Assessment(Investigation and development of Intertidal resources, Valuation of marine resources, Development and planning of marine resources)
  3. Marine environmental protection and ecological construction(Capacity of the marine environment, Marine Ecological Security Assessment, Special Marine Protected Areas)


Research Projects

  1. Research and demonstration of appropriate scale between long silt tidal flat reclamation [2009105GJ90044], 2008-2011.
  2. Ecological suitability evaluation of special marine protected areas and classification technology and application demonstration.
  3. Based and standard fund investigation on the use of sea waters.
  4. Classification of sea using and formulation of grading benchmark price.
  5. Ecological Construction Planning and Marine Environmental Protection in Jiangsu.
  6. Sea demarcation.
  7. Delimit arguments of special marine protected areas.
  8. Coordinated development between coastal beach reclamation and ecological environment.
  9. Numerical Simulation of beach deformation interaction under flow interaction.
  10. Sea use assessment and environmental impact evaluation of main marine and coastal engineering in Jiangsu.

Journal Articles




  1. Study of appropriate scale of reclamation in long silt tidal flat, Editor, Science Press, November, 2012.
  2. Coastal beach and its utilization potential in Jiangsu, Associate Editor, Ocean Press, November, 2012.


Honors and Awards

  1. Ten pacesetter in The second session of the China Ocean Engineering Consulting Association, State Oceanic Administration, 2014.
  2. China Water Transportation Construction Industry Association of Science and Technology Award, 2010
  3. Marine innovation Award of State Oceanic Administration, 2007.
  4. Third prize of Chinese Ministry of Communications Science and Technology Progress Institute of Navigation, The fifth place, 2002.
  5. The third prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Prizes, 2001.


Academic Title

  1. Director of comprehensive marine development and ecological construction engineering center in Jiangsu Province.
  2. Director of Department of Marine Sciences in Nanjing Normal University.
  3. Expert Review of State Oceanic Administration, national sea area use.
  4. Committee of Experts on Marine Institute Sea Island Club Members.
  5. Registered consultants in Jiangsu Province.
  6. Member of Jiangsu Marine and Limnology.
  7. Member of Lianyungang Marine and Limnology.



Tel: Unknown