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Nianxing Zhou Professor

Research Interests: 
Tourism landscape planning and design

Educational Background




Research Interests

Tourism landscape planning and design

Research Projects

  1. pling mechanism research of landscape ecology and landscape aesthetics: in lushan mountain forest landscape, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 600,000 RMB, 2013 – 2016.
  2. The evolvement mechanism of tourism landscape pattern and optimization research: in wulingyuan, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 180,000 RMB, 2010 – 2012
  3. Tourism landscape pattern evolution characteristics, mechanism and optimization research, Natural science fund project in jiangsu province colleges and universities, 50,000,2008 -2011.
  4. Artificial facilities research on the influence of natural landscape landscape aesthetic value, Jiangsu university philosophy social science fund project.
  5. Natural heritage network system built in jiangsu province, Social Science Union of culture high-quality goods project in jiangsu province.

Journal Articles

  1. WANG Fang,ZHOU Nianxing,GUAN Jian et al. Spatial Distribution Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Cultural Landscape of Chinese Folk Song[J]. TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY, 2015, 35(6): 797-803.
  2. Hu Meijuan, Zhou Nianxing, Li Zaijun, Calculation and Driving Factor Analysis of Three-Dimensional Ecological Footprint in Nanjing City, Geography and Geo-Information Science, 2015.
  3. Hu Meijuan, Zhou Nianxing, Li Zaijun, The Spatial Pattern and Its Influencing Factors of County  Consumption Level in Jiangsu Province Economic Geography, 2014.
  4. XIE Huiwei, ZHOU Nianxing, GUAN Jian. The construction and optimization of ecological networks based on natural heritage sites in Jiangsu Province[J]. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 2014, 34(22): 6692-6700
  5. Liang Yanyan, Zhou Nianxing, Xie Huiwei, Jiang Mingping, Long-term dynamic simulation on forest landscape pattern changes in Mount Lushan, Acta Ecologica Sinica, 2013.
  6. Zhou Nianxing,Liang Yanyan,Hang Qing.Dynamic Spatial Pattern and Characteristics on Tourism Commercialization in the Old Town of Tongli[J].Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Natural Science Edition),2013,36(04):155.
  7. Zhou Nianxing, Huang Zhenfang, Liang Yanyan. Carbon sources and storage sinks in scenic tourist areas:a Mount Lushan case study, Acta Ecologica Sinca, 2013.
  8. ZHOU Nian-xing, HUANG Zhen-fang, JIANG Ming-ping, LIANG Yan-yan. The relationships between forest landscape visual quality and landscape spatial pattern index of Mount Lushan. GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 2012, 31(7): 1224-1232.
  9. Zhou Nianxing, Changes in landscape spatial pattern in Wulingyuan World Heritage Site as a tourism destination, Geographical Research, 2008.
  10. ZHOU Nian-xing, LIN Zhen-shan, HUANG Zhen-fang, PAN Gang. Threats on the World Heritage Natural Sites and China’s Conservation Countermeasures. JOURNAL OF NATURAL RESOURCES, 2008, 23(1): 25-32.
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  15. Zhou Nianxing, Yu Kongjian, Li Dihua, STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS IN SCENIC AREA PLANNING-AN CASE STUDY OF WULINGYUAN, Economic Geography, 2005.​


Academic Title

  1. The Chinese society of natural resources of youth work committee
  2. Vice secretary of jiangsu province tourism association
  3. Landscape architecture in jiangsu province professional committee



Tel: +86- 13675188592