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Shan Yang Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Urban and rural development and regional planning
  • Urban form and urban-rural coupling
  • Urban Agglomeration Research


Educational Background

Post-doc, Urban Planning, School of Architecture, Southeast University2001-2003

PhD, Physical Geography, Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 1997-2001

MS, Human Geography, Nanjing Normal University(1990) 1987-1990

B.Sc, Geography, Nanjing Normal University(1990) 1987-1990

Visiting scholar, America Union College1995-1996


Research Projects

1.“Study on changes in land use of South-Jiangsu and environmental effects based on 3S”, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province. 2000-2001

2.“Industrial Distribution of constrcting mega-city in Wuxi”, Wuxi municipal government tenders. 2001

3.“Urbanizaiton planning in Zhenjiang and development planning along the industrial belt”, Zhenjiang municipal government commissioned projects, 2002

4. “Comprehensive Assessment of Sustainable Development of Marine Economy in Jiangsu Province”, State Oceanic Administration 908 project. 2006-2010

5.“Study on Metropolitan urban and rural areas coupled state and System Measurement”, National Natural Science Foundation Project. 2008-2010

6.“Study on Response of spatial structure in urban and rural under economic transition”, National Natural Science Foundation Project. 2012-2015

7. “The Spatial Organization and Coordinated Mechanism Of New-Type Urbanization from the Perspective of Multiple Agents”, National Natural Science Foundation Project. 2015-2018

8. “Research on dynamic agglomeration structuresin Yangtze River Delta: Evolution and coupling mechanism”, National Natural Science Foundation Project. 2018-2021


Journal Articles:

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