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Wei Zhou Professor


Educational Background

PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences

MA, Nanjing University

BA, Engineering Surveying and English, Nanjing Normal University



Research Interests

  1. Basic Geographical Information System
  2. Geographic Information Security

Research Projects

  1. Nanjing hexi area settlement research
  2. Nanjing established a new generation of surveying and mapping
  3. The key technology of GIS vector data product copyright protection
  4. Ocean 908 survey
  5. To study the mechanism and process simulation of 3 d spatial data model research
  6. Type silt up the suitable size of tidal flat reclamation around research and demonstration
  7. Ground LIDAR auxiliary visual sequence images more detailed modeling
  8. Vector grid integration of geometric accuracy to take off the close geographic data model and method of research, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)



  1. Basic geographic information system, Science Press.
  2. AutoCAD mapping and system development, Science Press.
  3. Integration of GIS, RS and GPS, Commercial Press
  4. The GIS vector digital product copyright authentication technology, Science Press.​


Academic Title

  1. The ministry of education of higher school teaching steering committee members
  2. Jiangsu province area using argument evaluation expert database experts
  3. Chinese academy of surveying and mapping engineering survey of professional committee
  4. Deputy director of the department of surveying and mapping engineering of nanjing normal university



Tel: +86- 13611577060