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Weifeng Qiao Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Land use and urban and rural development

Educational Background

PhD, Remote sensing technology and Application, Nanjing Normal University.

MA,Cartography and Geographical Information System, Nanjing Normal University.



Research Interests

Land use and urban and rural development

Research Projects

He has hosted and participated in more than 40 projects supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation special funding projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education Humanities and social science research youth fund project, Natural science foundation research project in Jiangsu province.

Journal Articles

1.  LIU, Yahua WANG, et al. Analysis on the characteristics of three-dimensional urban space expansion in Nanjing since 2000[J]. Geographical Researchi, 2015, 34(4): 666-676.

2.  QIAO Weifeng, SHENG Yehua, FANG Bin, WANG Yahua. Land use change information mining in highly urbanized area based on transfer matrix:A case study of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 2013, 32(8): 1497-1507.

3.  Weifeng Qiao, Jie Jiang, YulingGao. Temporal-Spatial Changes of Vegetation in the Yangtze River Delta Using MODIS/NDVI Data.2012 2nd International Conference on Remote Sensing, Environment and Transportation Engineering(RSETE2012), 2012, 2822-2825, Nanjing , 2012.(EI检索)

4.  QIAO Weifeng, LIU Yansui, XIANG Lingzhi, WANG Yahua. Research on Extracting Building Height Rapidly Based on High-resolution Remote Sensing Images Without Parameters. , 2015, 17(8): 995-1000.

5.  QIAO Weifeng, LIU Yansui, WANG Yahua, XIANG Lingzhi. Three-dimensional Urban Gravity Center Calculation Method and Empirical Research: A Case Study of Nanjing. , 2015, 17(3): 268-273.

6.  Qiao W, Liu C, Bao X, et al. Zoning and time series of rural residential land consolidation in Jiangsu province[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2013, volume 29(17):248-256(9).

7.  Qiao W F, Sun Z H, Lan X H, et al. Contrastive Analysis of Evolution of Land Use Structure in Developed Area and Developing Area——A Case Study on Suzhou of Jiangsu Province and Suzhou of Anhui Province[J]. Economic Geography, 2012.

8.  Qiao W, Wang Y, Fang B. Prediction of Land Use Structure Change Based on Annual Transfer Balance Table——A Case Study of Suzhou[J]. Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2014.

9.  Changbin W U, Sun Z, Qiao W, et al. Topological Restrictions in Land-use Map Generalization[J]. Geo-information Science, 2013, 15(5).

10.  Ding Y, Sun Z, Changbin W U, et al. Construction and Application of 3D Cadastre Management Model Based on LADM[J]. Journal of Geo-Information Science, 2013, 15(1):106-114.



1. Fang Bin, Qiao Weifeng, Wang Yahua. Practice course of land management, Science Press, 2012

2. Sun Zaihong, Chen Huiming, Qiao Weifeng and Wu Changbin. Land management information system. Science Press, 2005

Honors and Awards

1. Top academic papers of China's top quality science and Technology Periodicals, 2014.

2. Second prize of Land Jiangsu resources science and technology innovation Award, 2011.

3. Second prize of National Land resources science and Technology Award, 2010.

4. Second prize of Jiangsu province land resources science and technology innovation Award, 2009 and 2010.

Academic Title

Member of the Specialized Committee of China Natural Resources Institute