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Wenhui Zhong Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Soil nitrogen carbon conversion mechanism of microbiology
  • Microbial remediation of the soil
  • Soil microbial electricity production technology and application

Educational Background

Post-Doc, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002.9 – 2004.12.

PhD, Environmental Engineering, College of Environmental & Resource Sciences of Zhejiang Univeristy, 1998.9 – 2001.7.

BA, Microbilogy, School of Biology, Wuhan Univeristy, 1982 – 1986.



Research Interests

  1. Soil nitrogen carbon conversion mechanism of microbiology;
  2. The microbial remediation of the soil
  3. Soil microbial electricity production technology and application


Research Projects

  1. Genetically modified crops on soil microbial community and soil ecological function, “Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" national science and technology major projects corpus, (2016ZX08012005-009), 2016.1.1 – 2020.12.31.
  2. Subtropical acidic forest soil nitrifying microorganism and its response to organic substrates, National Natural Science Foundation of China, (41271255), 2013.01-2016.12
  3. Reduce paddy soil microbial utilization technology and mechanism of greenhouse gas emissions, "Twelfth five-year" national science and technology support project corpus, (2013BAD11B01), 2013.01- 2017.12.
  4. Subtropical acidic forest soil nitrifying microorganism and its contribution on nitrification, Major projects supported by the natural science foundation of the jiangsu higher education institutions, (12KJA170001), 2012.08-2015.12.
  5. Subtropical soil nitrogen relationship between primary transformation process and microbiological characteristics research, Key project of national natural science funds, (40830531), 2009.01- 2012.12.
  6. Transgenic rice on soil in greenhouse gas emissions and the related function of microorganisms, National science and technology major projects corpus, (2008ZX08012-005), 2009.05 - 2011.12.
  7. Rice straw treated with red soil upland fertilization techniques, "11th five-year" key project of national science and technology support plan corpus, (2009BADC6B003-1), 2009.01- 2011.12.
  8. Chemical process of cleaner production technology and chemical pollution control, Three periods of nanjing normal university "211 project" key discipline construction project, (1843203623), 2009.01-2011.12 


Journal Articles

  1. Wenhui Zhong, Biyun Bian, Nan Gao, Ju Min, Weiming Shi, Xiangui Lin, Weishou Shen. Nitrogen fertilization changes ammonia oxidation attributed mostly to bacteria and not archaea in a greenhouse-based high N input vegetable soil. Soil Biology & Biochemistry. 2016, 93:150-159
  2. Xinli Wang, Cheng Han, Jinbo Zhang, Huan Deng, Wenhui Zhong*. Long-term fertilization effects on active ammonia oxidizers in an acidic upland soil in China. Soil Biology & Biochemistry. 2015 (84): 28-37
  3. H. DENG, Y. B. JIANG,  Y. W. ZHOU, K. SHEN &  W. H. ZHONG*. Using electrical signals of microbial fuel cells to detect copper stress on soil microorganisms. European Journal of Soil Science, 2015, 66:369-377
  4. Yun-Bin Jiang, Huan Deng, Dong-Mei Sun, Wen-Hui Zhong *. Electrical signals generated by soil microorganisms in microbial fuel cells respond linearly to soil Cd2+ pollution. 2015, Geoderma, 255-256: 35-41
  5. Jinbo Zhang*, Weijun Sun, Wenhui Zhong, Zucong Cai. The substrate is an important factor in controlling the significance of heterotrophic nitrification in acidic forest soils. Soil Biology & Biochemistry. 80 (2015): 293-295
  6. Huan Deng, Yongjie Yu, Jinge Sun, Jinbo Zhang, Zucong Cai, Wenhui Zhong*. Parent materials have more effect than land use types on microbial biomass, activity and diversity of red soil in subtropical China. Pedobiologia, 2015. 58:73-79
  7. Weishou SHEN, Tingting XU, Juanjuan LIU, Qianru HUANG, Ganyu GU, Wenhui ZHONG*. Long-term application of organic manure changes abundance and composition of ammonia-oxidizing archaea in an acidic red soil. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 2015. 61, 620–628
  8. Yongjie Yu, Jinbo Zhang, Wenwen Chen, Wenhui Zhong*, Tongbin Zhu, Zucong Cai. Effect of land use on the denitrification, abundance of denitrifiers and total nitrogen gas production in the subtropical region in China. Biology and Fertility of Soils, 2014. 50:105-113
  9. Cheng Han, Wenhui Zhong*, Weishou Shen, Zucong Cai, Biao Liu. Transgenic Bt rice has adverse impacts on CH4 flux and rhizospheric methanogenic archaeal and methanotrophic bacterial communities. Plant and Soil, 2013. 369:297-316
  10. Yongjie Yu, Weishou Shen, Yunfeng Yin, Jinbo Zhang, Zucong Cai, Wenhui Zhong*. Response of soil microbial diversity to land-use conversion of natural forests to plantations in a subtropical mountainous area of southern China. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition. 2012, 58(4), 450-461
  11. Zhong W H, Gu T, Wang W, Zhang B, Lin X G, Huang Q R, Shen W S. The effects of mineral fertilizer and organic manure on soil microbial community and diversity. Plant and Soil, 2010, 326: 511-522
  12. HE Wei, HAN Cheng, MAO Ting, ZHONG Wen-Hui* and LIN Xian-Gui. A Chromosomally Based Luminescent Biosensor for Mercury Detection in Red Soil of China. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2010,87(3): 981-989



  1. Zhong Wenhui, Environmental science and engineering experiment tutorial, Higher Education Press, ISBN978-7-04-038161-0, 2013.9​


Honors and Awards

  1. Provincial science and technology progress third prize
  2. The third prize of Chinese medical science


Academic Title

  1. Material cycle and director of key laboratory of pollution control in jiangsu province
  2. The deputy director of the office of nanjing normal university
  3. The Chinese society of soil soil biology and biochemistry of professional committee
  4. Ecological and natural protection branch of China environmental science institute director



Tel: +86- 02585891352