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Zhaoyuan Yu Associate Professor


Educational Background

PhD, Cartography and Geographic Information Science(GIS), Nanjing Normal University (2010)

BA, Geographic science, Nanjing Normal University, China (2005)



Research Interests

GIS, geographical modeling, human geography

Research Projects

  1. Research on the method of feature analysis and structure matching based on geometric algebra, 2013-2016, National Nature Science Foundation of China
  2. Expression and modeling method of multi constraint space time dynamic network, 2017-2020, National Nature Science Foundation of China


Journal Articles

  1. Yu, Zhaoyuan., Luo, Wen., Yi, Lin., Hu, Yong., and Yuan, Linwang.: Clifford algebra-based structure filtering analysis for geophysical vector fields, Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 20, 563-570 (SCI)
  2. Yu Zhaoyuan, Yuan Linwang, Luo Wen. Clifford Algebra and GIS Spatial Analysis Algorithms–the Case Study of Geographical Network and Voronoi Analysis. Proceedings of GraVisMa .2010, 2:155-158
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