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Zhenfang Huang Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Tourism Management
  • Tourism Geography and Tourism Planning

Educational Background

Prof, School of Geography Science of Nanjing Normal Uni (NNU), 2002.04-Present

Associate Prof, School of Geography Science of NNU, 1996.04-2002.03

Lecturer, School of Geography Science of NNU, 1989.05-1996.03

Teaching Assistant, School of Geography Science of NNU, 1984.08-1989.04


Research Interests

      Tourism Management; Tourism Geography and Tourism Planning

Research Projects

Has leaded 3 projects of NSFC, 1 National 908 Project, several provincial level projects, joined 3 projects supported by NSFC and National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, and over 90 tourism planning projects. Main projects are as follows:

       1.    National Natural Science Foundation of China (41271149), Research on the deep integration mechanisms of culture and tourism and the evolution models of cultural tourism area, funds: ¥0.6million, 2013-2016;

       2.    National Natural Science Foundation of China (40971087), Research on Development Mechanisms and Modes of Regional Tourism from Cultural Perspective: a Case Study of Yangtze River Delta Area, funds: ¥0.3million, 2010-2012;

       3.    National Natural Science Foundation of China (40471050), Research on Sustainable Development Modes of Ecological Tourism in Coastal Wetlands, funds: ¥0.25million, 2005-2007

       4.    908 Project of State Oceanic Administration of PRC (JS-908-02-10), Assessment and Planning of Potential Costal Tourism Area in Jiangsu Province, funds: ¥0.55million, 2006-2009;

       5.    Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education of China (20093207110008), Research on the cultural functional mechanisms of regional tourism and the value measurements of cultural tourism, a case study of Yangtze River Delta area, funds: ¥60thousands, 2010-2012;

       6.   China National Tourism Administration, Study on Outline of Tourism Quality Development, funds: ¥0.25million, 2012-2013.

Journal Articles

       Has published over 150 papers as first author or corresponding author on SCI/SSCI, ACTA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA, GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, Tourism Tribune and other key journals. The main papers are as follows:

1.    Zhenfang Huang, Linwang Yuan, Zhaoyuan Yu, Forecasts of Tourist Flow Features in Eco-tourism Area: A Case Study of Yancheng David's Deer Eco-tour ism Area [J]. ACTA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA, 2007, 62(12), 1277-1286

       2.    Zhenfang Huang, Zhaoyuan Yu, Zhenlin Huang, Ye Zhu, Bo Xu, Linwang Yuan, Evolutionary Stages and Dynamic Mechanisms of Thematic Cultural Tourist Areas: A Case Study of Lingshan Scenic Area in Wuxi [J]. ACTA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA, 2011, 66(6): 831-841

       3.    Zhenfang Huang, Ye Zhu, Linwang Yuan, Xiaohai Hu, Fangdong Cao, The intention, classification and evaluation of leisure tourism resources: A case study of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province [J]. GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 2011, 30(9): 1543-1553

       4.    Zhenfang Huang, Linwang Yuan, Zhaoyuan Yu, Jiang Wu, Nianxing Zhou, The spatial-temporal evolution and characteristics analysis of tourist flow in eco-tourism area: A case study of Yancheng eco-tourism area for David's deer [J]. GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 2008, 27(1): 55-64

       5.    Zhenfang Huang, Rui Huang, The theoretical perspective and academic innovation of tourism geography based on human-environment interactions [J]. GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 2015, 34(1): 15-26

       6.    Zhenfang Huang, Lin Lu, Qin Su, Jinhe Zhang, Jiuxia Sun, Xucai Wan, Cheng Jin, Research and development of rural tourism under the background of new urbanization: Theoretical reflection and breakthrough of predicament [J]. GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 2015, 34(8): 1409-1421

       7.    Zhenfang Huang, Linwang Yuan, Yanling Huang, Xiao Wang, Zhaoyuan Yu, Quantative assessment index system and method for ecotourism resources: a study case of Jiangsu coastal ecotourism resource evaluation [J]. ACTA ECOLOGICA SINICA, 2008, 28(4): 1655-1662

       8.    Jin C, Huang Z F*, Xu J, Gu Q S. Evaluation of travel convenience for residents in the Yangtze River Delta, China.AsiaPacific Journal of Tourism Research, 2013, 18(8):865-879.(SSCI)

       9.    Chen Zhang ,Zhenfang Huang*.Mining Tourist Motive for Marketing Development via Twice-Learning. Applied Artificial Intelligence, 29:119-133, 2015. (SCI)


Has Published 10 books with the theme of tourism as first author or joint author:

       1.    Zhenfang Huang, Research on Development Modes of Coastal Ecotourism, a Case Study of Coastal Area in Jiangsu Province [M]. Beijing, Science Press, 2007.12

       2.    Zhenfang Huang, Guolin Hou, Nianxing Zhou, Tourism Geography [M]. Dalian: Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Press, 2015.08

       3.    Zhenfang Huang, Introduction to Hotel Management [M]. Beijing, Higher Education Press, 2001.07​

Honors and Awards

1.    Third Prize of Nationwide Excellent Paper in Tourism Management Journal

2.    1st Chuankang Chen’s Nationwide Excellent Paper Prize of Tourism Geography

3.    Second Prize of Research Achievement of Philosophy and Social Science in Jiangsu Province

4.    Third Prize of Excellent Tourism Academic Achievement of China National Tourism Administration

5.    Second and Third Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement in Jiangsu Province

Academic Title

1.    Was as the Chairman of Advisory Committee on Teaching Tourism Management and Service Principles in Colleges and Universities Sponsored by Ministry of Education

2.    Now is the Evaluation Expert of Provincial Government Quality Assessment of State Department

3.    Reviewer of National Natural Science Foundation of China

4.    Member of Tourism Geography Committee of the Geographical Society of China

5.    Member of Tourism Standardization Committee of China

6.    National Star Assessor of Tourism Hotels

7.    Vice-president of Jiangsu Tourism Society

8.    Member of Nanjing Advisory Committee on Economic and Social Development.