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Zhiyao Song Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Geographic modeling of estuary, coastal, marine hydrology, resource and environment
  • Numerical simulation and computational method

Educational Background

BA, Department of Mathematics, Xiamen University (1985)

MA, Coastal Engineering, Hohai University (1991)

Academic Visitor, Department of Geography, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1996.10-1996.12)

PHD, Coastal Engineering, Hohai University (1999)

Professor, Port Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Hohai University (2002)

Visiting Scholar, Department of Environment, University of Queensland (2004-2005)

Professorial Chair, State Key Laboratory for Hydrology, Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering Science (2006)



Research Interests

  1. Geographic modeling of estuary, coastal, marine hydrology, resource and environment
  2. Numerical simulation and computational method


Research Projects

  1. Research on dynamic characters of turbulence boundary layer in shallow water and vertical distribution of suspended sediment. Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
  2. Groundwater movement and its environmental effects by coastal tide. Key Project of Natural Science for Universities in Jiangsu Province
  3. River, coastal dynamics and sediment movement. National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists
  4. Environmental Impact and Countermeasures for Estuary caused by Water Transfer Project in Yangtze River. State Key Project of National Natural Science of China
  5. Research on the Movement Mechanism of Bottom Sediment in Estuarine Water. Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
  6. Research on Friction Characteristics and Estuarine and Coastal Flow Structure near the bottom. Research Fund for Doctoral Program by Ministry of Education
  7. Modeling research on major bays in Fujian Province. 908 Ocean Project
  8. Control Project on saltwater intrusion form north branch of Yangtze River Estuary and Construction for land in south branch. Major Scientific Research Project for the Committee of Science, Shanghai
  9. Influence to Channel by Storm Surge and Wave. Funded by Ministry of Transportation, Guangdong Province


Journal Articles

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  1. Wang Y G, Song Z Y Research on the bay model and environment in Sansha bay, Fujian province. Beijing: Ocean Press. 2009
  2. Yang M Y Research on the simulation of flow sediment movement in Pearl River estuary. Beijing: Ocean Press. 2008​


Honors and Awards

  1. Outstanding Young Lecturer of Jiangsu ‘Qinglan Project’, 2002
  2. First level technology advance award of Shanghai city, 2005
  3. 333 Elite Cultivation Program of Jiangsu Province, 2007
  4. The article ‘Study on the log-linear velocity profile of near-bed tidal current in estuarine and coastal waters’ was awarded as the fifth excellent academic paper by Chinese Association for Science