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Soil nitrogen cycling and its environmental effects

Approval Year: 2013
Leader: Zucong Cai
Members: Jinbo Zhang, Wenhui Zhong, Han Yang, Zhenggui Wei


The studies of the group are focused on the nitrogen biogeochemical cycle in soil in the subtropical area, to clarify the effects of the changes of soil nitrogen, carbon cycles on the yield and quality of agricultural products, to assess the effects of land use changes on environment, to develop the rational land use and management in this region,  and to provide quantitative assessment data and scientific basis for reducing the adverse effects of high intensity agricultural land use on the ecological environment.

Research Content

The objectives of the group are to study the effects of different land use on soil nitrogen transformations and their mechanisms. Three studies will be performed:

  1. the effects of land use on soil nitrogen transformations in subtropical region;
  2. the microbiological mechanisms of soil nitrification process under different land use ecosystems in subtropical region;
  3. the process of soil erosion and soil nitrogen migration.

Representative Achievements

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