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Academic Events

GC Classroom Statistics

GC faculty and students are busy teaching and studying through online stations and online softwares (APPs), some before computers, some before pads (including...

GC Staff Learn New Tech

GC staff are adapting themselves to the new requirements of remote teaching in the new environment.

NNU on busy vacation

In July and August, NNU is on a busy vocation, enrolling grad students and undergrad students. Those staff in response for enrolling prospective students have...

GC Welcomes Specially-Invited Professor

GC welcomes her specially-Invited Professor Shengxiong Yang. Secretary Xue chairs the ceremony. Professor Yang is also specially-invited Dean of GC. Dean Yuan...

Dr. Chen on Teaching Reforms

Dr Ming Chen talks on how to integrate teaching reforms and publication of papers. He also talks about how to guide students in their publications.

Zhang on Virtual Simulated Accounting

Xiaojun Zhang talks about three aspects of Virtual Simulated Accounting against the background of Internet+.

Wang Reports on Mid-Term Papers

Professor Shuijuan talks on students' Mid-Term Paperss about delisting some companies which make false accounts.

Chen on Precision Poverty-Reduction in Students' Innovation Project

Professor Wenjun Chen talks about students' project in poverty-reduction.

Zhang on Significance of Yi-fang Academy

Professor Lijun Zhang talks on the significance of Yi-fang Academy: to fill in the gaps of slots in students' knowledge framework.

Feng on Accounting as Major in Context of Neohumanities Strategy

1. five aspects of strategic meanings. 2. four aspects of novelty. 3. five aspects of thought.