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Academic Events

Bakery Knowledge Contest Held

Bakery Knowledge Contest entitled "Appointed in Spring" was held in Ginling College on April 8, 2017. The sponsors were GC Graduates' Association. Lovers of bakery from all across GC went to Ginling Bakery Center, West Suiyuan Campus, to participate in the competition. Some boys undergraduates and graduate schools also took part in the event.

The competition had several phases: choice of recipes, selection of materials, preparations of equipment, procedures of baking, results appreciation by experts, Q&A.

All the participants were active and they produced tasty cookies and cakes.

Graduate students and faculty members acted as question masters and judges.

Four of those bakery lovers were awarded as Ginling Baking Quardrium.

Participants were free to take home their own or their peers' products to share with their kith and kin.